WeatherSatusBar10 Cydia Tweak – Display the Weather

WeatherSatusBar10 is a jailbreak tweak allowing you to display live animations of the weather on the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Weather App with lots of options to configure in settings. This tweak can be installed from the Denastic Cydia repository for free.

Cydia App Store also offers access to free and paid 3rd party applications that you can find useful. This is an excellent point to introduce all about WeatherSatusBar10 Cydia Tweak.

What is WeatherSatusBar10?

WeatherSatusBar10 is an iOS jailbreak app with the option to display live weather information on your device background. The tweak allows you to use a custom Weather app icon, display Live weather animation on the Home screen, Lock screen, iOS 12-style Lock screen greeting, and customize, including the ability to move objects around on the screen by pressing and holding.

Another day with another tweak, this new tweak aims to bring weather info to your status bar. Here’s how it works.

How Weathersatusbar10 Works?

Using 3D Touch on the Weather app is a great way to get weather updates quickly. But wouldn’t it be better if weather updates tag along wherever you go, in your Status bar?

This is exactly what this new jailbreak tweak does.


Cydia tweaks WeatherSatusBar10 automatically pulls information from the Weather application and displays it in the status bar. It is developed by the developer tweak Dimitry aka Mercury Hidan.

There are already many tweaks available that do the same thing. However, what sets it apart from other similar Cydia tweaks is its ability to bring some advanced features like –

  • Display weather as sunny, windy, etc. in the status bar for the next hour.
  • Show temperature for your specific location. Just turn on-location services for the Weather app and allow updates on a local weather day.
  • Shift the temperature or weather info to the right or left.
  • Display “high” and “low” temperature.
  • Supports Celsius and Fahrenheit units.
  • Double-tap the icon for the weather updates strength.
  • Set custom time intervals for updates.

You can configure all its options from the Settings area. As of now, it doesn’t have GPS support, which is a highly requested feature.

How to install WeatherSatusBar10?

This tweak provides a fantastic way to stay updated with your weather conditions. The developer also intends to push more updates to this tweak in the future.

It is just a few steps to install the Cydia tweak. To add the WeatherSatusBar10 Repository to your list of Cydia Sources, follow our step-by-step guide.

  • Step 1: Open Cydia on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Tap Sources → Edit → Add the URL
  • Step 3: Switch to Search Tab and enter WeatherSatusBar10.
  • Step 4: Tap the Install button.
  • Step 5: Go to Settings → WeatherSatusBar10 to configure the app.

Advanced Features:

  • Gorgeous animations are displaying weather on the home screen lock screen as well as iOS Weather Application.
  • The Weather App displays current weather information and temperature.
  • You can have the weather forecast on the lock screen as well.
  • The greeting view of the application is in sync with the style of iOS 12.
  • You can resize or move every component available on the lock screen.
  • For those who are experiencing safe mode issues while utilizing the tweak, please check whether you have default iOS weather app installed or not as the same is required for this tweak to work.


WeatherSatusBar10 is a simple change in the jailbreak that adds a gesture of ‘pull-to-fire’ to the lock screen whenever you have a long list of a pile of unread notifications.

To invoke the gesture, pull down the lock screen; this will dismiss all pending notifications of the interface and make it look clean and easy to use again.