Vision Cydia Tweak – Animated 3D Springboard with tons

As all of we know apple is very famous for its security about its product. Though the security is very prominent for every user privacy some sort of customization is required to make device uses interesting, but IOS devices lack that customization, however there is the App named vision tweaks through which you customize your IOS icons.

It uses scene kit system of apple to create a realistic 3D icons of all the applications that you use, the more interesting feature about these 3d icons is that they follow your device’s movement and move in the same direction as you move your device with the help of gyroscope sensor and give you an amazing experience. It offers various kind of effects like Solar system stimulation, 360 rotation, Morphing and many more.

Vision tweak is compatible with various springboard tweaks including most popular ones like winterboard, barrel, SPringtomize etc. It is compatible with iPhone 5 and above and in case iPads with series 2 and above and iPods touch gen 3 and above.

How does it work

As we mentioned above Vision Cydia Tweak add up amazing 3 D amination effects to the springboard of iOS devices and it is developed by very famous tweak developer Elias Limeneos and among all other Cydia tweaks, it is the first one to use Apple’s Scenefit framework system.

Here’s a list of all its features.

  • 4 scrolling effects – Rotate, Morph, Solar system, Motion blur
  • Six different types of icon shapes to choose from
  • Gyroscopic tilt
  • Motion blur
  • Light adjustments
  • Supports Landscape mode
  • Apply changes without respring

As you install this amazing application, you have access to customize various kind of animations from the settings menu, as of my experience animations make your IOS device something different from others. But there one problem with it as recently it’s working experience on iOS 10 is a little bit buggy.

Vision Cydia Tweak

As it is basically dependent of high quality GPU it is not compatible with older devices. Its developer instructed that it is compatible with iPhone 5 or above, but as of my experience I can say that I don’t run efficiently on iPhone 6 also, so better to use it on high-end devices and if again you are facing slower, then disable features like light reflection and motion blur to reduce stress over the GPU.

And the most important thing to note down that this tweaking thing is not compatible to all the devices, you must have a jailbroken device in order to use this amazing feature, so please go and jailbreak your device first if you want to use Vision Cydia tweak.

What you can do with this application?

  1. Can be able to Enable or disable the tweak on your wish
  2. Choose different kind of 3D shape you wish to use:
  3. Cube
  4. Sphere
  5. Donut
  6. Pill
  7. Capsule
  8. Heart
  9. Choose different styles of the scrolling effect:
  10. None
  11. Rotate
  12. Rotate and morph
  13. Solar system
  14. Amazingly Reflect light back at you from the 3D icons
  15. Have access to Enable compatibility with themes
  16. App icon labels have both hidden and displaying property.
  17. Can enable a motion blur for scrolling between Home screen pages
  18. Can be able to Configure the sensitivity motion of app icon based on sensor data

All options that are mentioned above will be enabled without even respringing your device, so as you can enjoy this amazing application without any type of complications.

Download Vision Tweak

You can easily download the vision tweak from Cydia’s Bigboss repository by paying a minimal fee of $2.99 and one thing you must take note that you’re your device must be jailbreak and have iOS 8- 10 to enjoy this application smoothly.

One thing I also want to mention that its developer Elias Limneos does not have a good reputation when it comes to providing proper support and updates. If you are that user that regularly give feedback and report bugs about applications then I suggest that this app is not for you.


So if you want to enjoy traditional jailbreak feel that you usually get with old is devices, then this app is absolutely made for you and using its amazing customization you can make your iOS uses interesting like never before. I hope our article about vision tweaks help you in understanding the amazing features of this application and if you have any problem feel free to contact us.