SpectrePatch – Patch Javascript-based Spectre exploits on iPhone

The simplest description about spectre is that it is the vulnerability that allows reading the arbitrary location that is located in RAM of your system program. It is a loophole in your system that allows process reading in your system memory.

Spectre is very dangerous security vulnerability that allows malware to bypass your devices system security, which has CPU accessibility whether it is PC, smartphone, servers and Internet of things (IoT) devices like smart TV, routers. By doing that they can gain access to its passwords and encryptions and your other private data.

What Is Spectrepatch?

SpectrePatch is developed by famous iOS developer, Ryley Angus. It is a patch for javascript- based program for patching Spectre, which can be very vulnerable for iOS devices. This patch development was mainly borrowed from Firefox method for fixing and mitigation of Spectre loopholes after it recent cases.


It depends upon reducing the resolution of Webkit’s performance.now() and disabling SharedArrayBuffer for blocking Spectre-based exploits. It works by injecting its code into every WebKitContent process and other apps such as web browsers like Safari, Chrome or Firefox. One more important thing to consider that, it can only block javascript-based exploits, not native exploits.

For the uninitiated processes, Spectre is a dangerous security loophole that is present in microprocessors. There is no patch available for older devices and we highly recommend to everyone, to install every fix and bug issues solvers updates once developer release it.


As per now, Spectrepatch has compatibility for iOS 9 – 10.3 versions. The reason behind it developer said that performance.now() is available only with iOS 9 and above version firmware devices, So older versions are safe of it.

SpectrePatch Compatibility

If your device is having iOS version 10.3.1 there is not that much requirement of this patch as necessary security measures are already intacted by Apple, however, you may still use it if you want.

The factors, which are valuable in understanding Spectre are:

  • Technical differences in variances discovered after the initial disclosure
  • The differing extent to which microarchitecture types are susceptible to transient execution attacks
  • The difficulty of and differing ways in which Spectre and Meltdown risks can be mitigated
  • The financial hit feared by processor manufacturers and hardware vendors
  • Politics endemic to the IT industry
  • Widely disseminated misinformation days before and immediately following initial disclosure

How does the Spectre vulnerability work on your system?

AS per the researchers of Spectre loophole said that if there is the possibility of Spectre Vulnerability in the victim’s system then, he will perform those actions that would operate under strictly serialized in order processing of the system program’s operation, and it will leak very private and confidential data via converting it channel to the hacker.

The attacks by using Spectre are done in three steps:

  1. The initial phase, in which the processor is mishandled to make “an exploitably erroneous speculative prediction.”
  2. The processor speculatively executes instructions from the target context into a microarchitectural covert channel.
  3. Then this sensitive data is recovered. This can be done by timing access to memory addresses in the CPU cache.

What risks are associated with Spectre Vulnerabilities in the system?

Spectre enables the attackers to get the encryption keys and passwords, which are stored in vulnerable CPU systems and enable them to have access over its Data. Users do not require to run a particular maliciously formed programs to give leverage to Spectre. JavaScript-based tools demonstrate that these vulnerabilities can be exploited through web browsers, however, web browser developers have developed various security measures to avoid these critical attacks.

SpectrePatch for iOS

These vulnerabilities can be possible in a very secure network of iOS. So, like other security breaches from history, The developers of the jailbreak community have been able to fix the Spectre Vulnerability by developing SpectrePatch for your iOS devices.

Install Spectrepatch on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

  1. Step 1: First we have to launch Cydia and add this repository – https://ryleyangus.com/repo/.
  2. Step 2: Then in the second step, install the SpectrePatch Debian package from this source.
  3. Step 3: After the installation process is completed, you must check whether the patch is working or not. For that, Visit this link and take note of the number appearing at the top.
  4. If the number appears is an integer multiple of 0.1, the patch is working properly.
  5. If the number appears is a multiple of 0.005, the patch is not working.


I hope you liked our article about SpectrePatch tweak its features function and how to download it. So in order to use the amazing security tool of this tweak please go and download it. It is completely free of malware and viruses so don’t worry about security as developers insure about providing an update regarding bugs and errors. Please feel free to share this amazing tweak with your friends & family and if you have any suggestions and queries related to it feel free to contact us.