Smooth3d Cydia Tweak adds Smooth 3D Touch and Removes Blur

In iOS devices 3D touch configuration very quick and convenient option to access the app and their shortcuts directly from the home screen. But this kind of stimulations is only available in newer versions of iOS but if you want this stimulation on your older devices then you have to jailbreak it and try to use a number of 3d touch stimulation tweaks available from Cydia repositories to make it run on it.

But in this stimulation, we generally get a blur effect on the menu and the background of the home screen, but various users had given feedback about that blur effect impractically affecting the clock and working on the device performance. In order to solve that problem iOS developer, Demy Kromhof had developed a new and free accessible tweak known as Smooth3D.

Smooth3D Cydia Tweak

Software lagging and buggy performance issue generally don’t affect each and every user in the same manner. But somehow that user which have been using jailbreak tweaks and various other modded applications will notice the performance improvements when they will install Smooth3D tweak for 3D stimulation

How Smooth3d Tweak Works

As we mentioned above if you have seen 3D stimulation effect and want to use it on your device, but as other tweaks working have surely affected the performance of your device then, in that case, the tweak by Demy Kromhof come as a saviour.

Smooth3D Cydia tweak working principle is very simple and unlike other 3D tweaks which uses the blur background effect of 3D touch stimulation, it disables that blurring effect and provides you with a flat and simple look of your setup. Also helps in improving the overall software experience and device performance once this tweak has been installed on your device.

This tweak has been developed for basically removing the lagging experience they show while using 3D touch stimulation, but if you want to remove that blur effect only you can also use it for that purpose only.

So even if you are not facing any kind of problem with performance issues of your device while 3D touch tweak you can use a Smooth3D tweak as it comes with many aesthetic settings, like many users prefer sans blur effect over a complete blurred background effect then you can go with smooth3D tweak along with its performance-enhancing features.

How to download Smoot3D

In order to install smooth3D tweak, you can download it from Cydia’s Big Boss repository and this tweak works only on jailbroken devices with iOS version 10 and below and once install it is ready to go kind of software.

The point you must note before installing Smooth3D tweak is that it doesn’t offer any kind of configuration settings, as you install it will start functioning immediately and if you want to disable it you have to disable it there is no other option to do that.

Somehow you don’t have a device with doesn’t have compatibility of 3D touch stimulation but after that you want to stimulate it and directly want to access menu from the home screen then we recommend you to try a tweak which is compatible and working with iOS 10 and above and that tweak is peek-a-boo which has been developed by Creatix developers team and available to download from their personal Cydia Repository.

You have first install peek- a –boo Cydia tweak after that you can install Smooth3D tweak to use it on the older iOS device than iPhone 6s. it will increase the devices working performance by putting lesser load over the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of your device by disabling the blur effect on your older devices and will remove lag and will provide smooth window transitions which will enhance your user experience.


I hope you liked our article about Smooth3D tweak its features function and how to download it. So in order to use the amazing 3D touch stimulating feature of this tweak please go and download it. It will help in making your device lag-free and give smooth experience and along with that it is completely free of malware and viruses so don’t worry about security as developers insure about providing an update regarding bugs and errors. Please feel free to share this amazing tweak with your friends & family and if you have any suggestions and queries related to it feel free to contact us.