Slices 2 Cydia Tweak – Parallel Space Multi Accounts App Alternative

A lot of us use social media accounts for work, family, and so on. Manually switching across several accounts is a problem for the stock operating system and often leads to data loss or overwriting. This is the point of this new tweak. Slices 2 enables multiple data bundles foriOS 11 user applications to be created.

This classic tweak is now managed by Subdiox, the newcomer. Initially developed by software engineer Stergios Hetelekides. Each of these slices has a completely different range, so you can easily change between different slices (data bundles).

What are the advantages of Slices 2 installation?

  1. As mentioned earlier, Slices 2 allow you to switch between multiple Facebook, Instagram and other social accounts. Switch between different social media accounts. You no longer need to sign off and log into another account manually. Just correctly set up your slices, and just a few taps will allow you to log in.
  2. Device shared easily You can set up a new section specifically for their account if you often share your device with your peers. This avoids overwriting your top scores and ensures that your progress remains unchanged.
  3. You can also use jailbreak tweak slices for creating multiple accounts on an app (such as Uber, for example), which can remove promotional codes. You can create a new account once you burn your original discount code and use new coupons if the app doesn’t store your device ID or any other unique identifier. Besides the above advantages, Slices 2, in comparison with its predecessor, offers nothing but improved support.

Download & Install Slices 2 on iOS: Parallel Space Alternative

  • Step 1 of Installation Open Cydia and go to the Sources tab.
  • Step 2 Tap Edit > Add the Cydia repository URL (http:/ / cydia) of Subdiox and enter it.
  • Step 3 Go to the Search tab and find “Slices 2.”
  • Step 4 Install from its original source the latest version of this tweak.


You must configure and set up Slices correctly now that you have installed Slices on your iPhone or iPad. This section will guide you through the process of setting up.

  • Step 5 Open the Settings app and open Slices 2’s preferences section.
  • Step 6 Toggle to Enabled (if it is disabled by default).
Slices 2 on iOS
  • Step 7 Tap Applications and select the application with which you want to use multiple user accounts. 
Slices 2 on iOS
  • Step 8 Tap Create Slice and enter the name of the slice. You can name the very first slice, for example, “New Slice 1.” This slice is typically associated with your default account or the account you use the most for the app you select.
Slices 2 on iOS
  • Step 9 You can now create yet another slice after you’ve created your default slice. Tap Create Slice again, adds a new slice.
  • Step 10 Make sure the Ask on Touch option is activated. When the Slices 2 is switched on, the slice list for a particular app is displayed when you start it.
  • Step 11 Configure your default slice from the Default Slice slice section. By default, Slices 2 will make use of the first slice as your slice default.
Slices 2 for iOS
  • Step 12 It leaves the data shared with other apps ‘as is’. By enabling
    App Sharing option, your app data will be kept intact.


  • Step 13 Type the app icon you want to start and pick the slice you want.
Slices 2 for iOS
  • Step 14 Register with the first slice of your default user account.
Slices 2 for iOS
  • Step 15 Repeat the above steps also for the other slices.
  • Step 16 You can use your slices to log into an account by tapping their slice immediately after logging in on your account.