How to Run Android Apps on Windows or Mac

There are multiple ways to run Android apps such as Instagram, playing Asphalt 8, Snapchat, WhatsApp on Windows and macOS. Since different people have different purposes, we’ve different methods too. Here you will find the best methods to run Android apps on Windows and Mac for normal users, gaming enthusiasts and developers. Shall we now check out the options?

Android Apps On Windows and Mac


BlueStacks (also called BlueStacks App Player) is the oldest and the most prevalent way of running Android apps for Mac. You will be able to run very nearly any Android app using this unpretentious emulator. It’s the finest choice if you want to run WhatsApp on your Mac or use your Instagram account. You will be able to run your Mac apps and Android apps sideways, which is wonderful.

Installing and using BlueStacks is resembling a piece of cake! You have to download the free installer from the authorized site of BlueStacks besides run it. If you have heretofore installed BlueStacks, do a clean uninstall, in advance you reinstall it. Once the installation is completed, it may take a few seconds for beginning up. Before you can install apps, however, you need to sign into a Google account. Overall, it’s cool to get started with BlueStacks.


VirtualBox method deals with better control over the Android device in addition to the apps you install. VirtualBox is a piece of software circulated by Oracle. It permits you to emulate an operating system on your PC and use it resembling running on real hardware. You’ll notice tons of uses for virtual machines.

  1. Go to in your computer’s Internet browser and download the VirtualBox setup file.
  2. Click Download Virtual Box and doing so will open the download page.
  3. Click Windows hosts. You’ll perceive this link below the “VirtualBox 5.2.8 platform packages” heading. The VirtualBox EXE file will initiate downloading onto your computer.
  4. Open the VirtualBox EXE file. Go to the location to which the EXE file downloaded besides double-click the file. This opens the VirtualBox installation window.
  5. Click Install when provoked and this allows VirtualBox to begin installing on your computer.
  6. Click Finish when prompted and this will close the installation window and open VirtualBox. Now that you’ve installed also opened VirtualBox, you can generate a virtual machine to run any operating system on your PC.


Genymotion is an inventive way to run Android apps on Mac — and on Cloud, for that matter. However, it is offering a bunch of different options.  Genymotion is the best option to make sure that your app runs perfectly on all Android devices out there.

Genymotion Desktop is actually easy to install. The Personal version of Genymotion is more convenient if you just want to try some apps. On the other hand, if you like the fully-fledged Android development experience, Genymotion Desktop is the way to go.