QuietWhilePlaying -Mute Notifications While Playing Music

Another day, and there is another tweak. This new tweak will aim to solve a great problem we all face. Here’s the way how it works.

How QuietWhilePlaying Works

How often do you get aggravated by the notification sounds while you are playing music on your iOS device? The answer is, for sure, very often. That is where this new Cydia tweak comes into use.

QuietWhilePlaying Cydia Tweak

As the name tells, QuietWhilePlaying Cydia tweak helps you to silent all the notification sounds while music is playing. It is urbanized by the tweak developer ijapija00.

This tweak has many uses, for example – when you just wish to relax after a tiring day, the sound of the announcement is the thing that you would not want to hear.

Once installed, there are no choices that you require for configuring. As though it is a little tweak and it works right out of the box.

Install QuietWhilePlaying Tweak

This is one more great utility tweak by a great developer. If notification sounds disturb you enough, this tweak is recommended for you.

QuietWhilePlaying is obtainable for installing on BigBoss Cydia repo for free. It is well-matched with iOS 10.

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Notifications might be useful, but some apps are a little bit noisier than others. iOS’ native Do Not Disturb mode from time to time comes in use in this instance, but it helps to mute all your apps at the same time, and this isn’t always good. For that cause, iOS developer Skitty has been developed with a new free jailbreak tweak release called QuietDown.

QuietDown helps users to mute specific apps for a specific period, and it does so in such a user-friendly manner. With an easy swipe up on a function icon or a 3D Touch signal on that same icon, you can also bring up the muting interface that is shown above.

As you would see, the tweak helps a multitude of different muting options, like the:

  • Number 1: For 15 minutes
  • Number 2: For 1 hour
  • Number 3: For 8 hours
  • Number 4: For 1 day
  • Number 5: Forever

The 15-minute and 1-hour options are good for short-term muting when an app will start to become irritating, but the 8-hour and 1-day options are good for school or workdays when you don’t want a fussy app making a fuss when you’re believed to be focusing elsewhere. Personally, I don’t know why you would use the ‘forever’ option if you had any purpose of receiving notifications from the app. Otherwise, I’d just turn the notification off for that app via iOS’ stock notice settings.

One thing about QuietDown is that you can select the types of messages you mute, whether that’s banner notifications, Lock screen/Notification Center banners, or both. Once you have installed, QuietDown adds a favourite pane to the Settings app where you can arrange its mannerisms for your needs:

Here, you are able to:

  1. Control QuietDown on or off on command.
  2. Select how you can set in motion QuietDown
    • hit upon an icon
    • Use a 3D Touch sign
  3. Select the types of notifications that you would want to mute
    • A: Banners
    • B: Cover Sheet
  4. Clear all the muted apps and resume the notification behaviour

We can say nothing bad about QuietDown because it seems to speak to a noteworthy concern with iOS’ notification system predominantly tactfully. For those who are interested, the tweak is available as a free download from Skitty’s repository in the Cydia app and Sileo and its source code is on Skitty’s GitHub page. QuietDown can play nicely with all jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices.

If you make use of iPhone or iPad with a Bluetooth speaker car’s music system, then you should also know how infuriating it can get when you are listening to the favorite music and a notification arrives. Having your favorite song intermitted can be a real mood kill especially when you have someone listening to the music with you. The new QuietWhilePlaying tweak helps to solve this issue by automatically muting notification sounds.

When QuietWhilePlaying tweak is downloaded on an iPhone or iPad, the tweak will help you detect when the device is playing music and mute notice sounds for all incoming notifications without requiring the user to switch on the silent mode. This will help you to listen to music without any intervention and having to inconveniently put your iPhone in silent mode until it is connected to the music system.