Pixzel Cydia Tweak – Google Pixel Launcher for iPhone, iPad

All the buzz in the world of Android phones is about the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets from Google, and rightly so.

But if you still want to get some of that pixel goodness without having to ditch the iPhone, you are so attached to? Well, we might have an idea for you.

When it comes to smartphone ownership, most device owners find themselves favouring either iOS or Android. Sure, there’s Windows Phone/ Windows 10 Mobile to take into account, but the global smartphone market is dominated by the two biggest platforms.


Users may prefer iOS or Android as an overall experience, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t parts of each operating system, or device experience, that they’d love to cherry-pick and place into their favourite iOS.

If you happen to be a fan of the minimalistic Pixel Launcher experience found on Google’s Pixel smartphones, then you can now replicate that on a jailbroken iOS device thanks to the Pixzel package.

Yes, there were other tweaks in the past and who have made a similar experience to the iPhone. Still, Pixzel is essentially a minimalist representation of what the Pixel launcher is all about Pixel Android hardware sub-Google.


Jailbreaking has long been the best way to heavily customize how iOS looks and works, and that is the case today as much as it has ever been, so if getting some Pixel love is on the agenda, then you’re going to need to be jailbroken before we go any further. Are you? Well, now, you will need to install two settings before enjoying some of that loveliness pixel on iOS.

The first two settings you’ll want is the Pixel launcher to its name. Installable via Cydia and ModMyi repo Pixel launcher brings new research and data pill Google widget to the iOS home screen. Tapping the Google logo initiates a search just as you might expect.

Install this, and we think you’ll immediately start to feel like you’re using something a little bit closer to a Pixel.

How Pixzel Works?

Pixzel Cydia tweak ports Google Pixel launcher to iOS. What this tweak does is adds a minimalistic icon to your Springboard. You can then use this icon to perform several tasks such as pull down the bar.

You can use it to open Safari and begin browsing web pages in an instant. Apart from that, it doesn’t serve any purpose and has limited functionality as of yet.

Google Pixel Launcher for iPhone, iPad

Installing the package via Cydia instantly enable the device owner to move and place a launch icon round where they fit on the iPhone or iPad screen.

It can be placed on top of icons in one place on the screen to Invoke the Pixzel experience instantly. When set, two gesture-based options invoke the package’s functionality.

As a bare-bones usage, users can tap on the Pixzel icon to instantly launch an instance of Mobile Safari on the device and quickly be routed to the Google homepage so that searches can take place.

This would be akin to loading up Safari and selecting a Google bookmark, albeit a lot quicker and more efficient to achieve the same result with a single tap.

Alternatively, for those that want to instantly be able to perform a search rather than being taken directly to Google, a one-second tap and hold on the Pixzel icon will bring up a new search overlay at the top of the screen allowing immediate text entry. When the search is performed, Pixzel will once again invoke Safari.


With this Pixzel Cydia Tweak installed, we’re pretty confident you’ll get at least some of the look and feel of a Google Pixel without having to buy one, If you’re an iPhone owner, that’s probably a pretty big deal – we doubt many of you will be picking up a real Pixel any time soon.