PassBy Tweak to Bypass Your Passcode [PassBy Cydia Tweak Release]

If you’re iPhone users then, you may have been thinking to unlock the iPhone without needing to enter a passcode all the time. Well, jailbreak users also want to get a feature where they don’t have to enter your passcode in front of prying people. Sadly, not Apple and the jailbreak developers have come up with a solution up for it.

However, the developer zer0_g has come up with a passcode bypass tweak which is known as PassBy. Mainly, PassBy allows users to unlock their device without entering a passcode. So in this article, I am going to share the features of the PassBy tweaks.

ByPass your Passcode

What is PassBy?

For iOS 10 and iOS 11 devices, PassBy is a free passcode bypass tweak that allows unlocking the device without entering the passcode. Even users can identify various scenarios in the tweak that will enable to unlock the device with no passcode. It will be ideal for you if you don’t want others to know your passcode. It’s handy, and you can give your device to others, and they won’t come to know your passcode too.

As the lock screen will not demand the passcode for unlocking, but you can specify the time or other conditions. After the specified condition is met, the lock screen will reinforce the passcode as the screen turns off next. Moreover, PassBy tweak will work on iOS devices running iOS 10 and 11 you can get the .deb file is from the developer’s Dropbox storage. 

Features of PassBy Tweak on iOS to Bypass PassCode

  • It has an auto-unlock feature to bypass lock screen with a previous unlock.
  • It lets to bypass passcode when the device is connected with a Wi-Fi network before locking.
  • Users can skip the lock screen while using headphone or when there are no notifications.
  • It auto locks when media controls are showing.
  • Even it can unlock the device with a different magic passcode that can auto unlock feature temporarily.
  • It lets users compose magic passcode with time, date, battery, and other custom digits.
  • Users can create a two-digit timeout to lock the device again.
  • There is an option to disable magic passcode also an auto-unlock by invoking SOS.
  • Users can even see when the device was unlocked last time.
  • So these are the features of the PassBy tweak you can disable and enable any feature as you like. There will be more updates of the tweak in the future but, you can have a look at some of the new features down below.
  • Users can disable touch ID and face ID magic passcode between time periods.
  • It allows specifying activator event for Magic passcode.
  • An activator listener supports bypassing passcode.
  • Users can enable an Auto-unlock feature for Bluetooth devices as well.
  • So these are the new features that you can see in the future updates. But if you want more then post a request to the developer, if it is possible they will add it for you.

Install PassBy Tweak on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

One of the best ways to passcode bypass jailbreak tweak is the PassBy tweak. As all of the passcode bypass features offers toggleable so that users can turn it off if you don’t want them. However, it is the first tweak by the developer, so there will be some errors and bugs. Which is normal in jailbreaking as well but, if you get any errors and bugs using this tweak then, you can send a report to the developer.

Extensify App:

It is a newly launched alternative tweak store for iOS users that offers to install modified versions of popular third-party applications without jailbreaking device. Unlike tweaks that need the iPhone and iPad to be jailbroken but Extensify works without a jailbreak.

Since Apple made it possible for users to sideload iOS apps, so users can download free and paid versions of Exos with the Extensify app. Exos are the tweaks inside Extensify while you search for an Exo on the Extensify store, you have to perform a build and install.

As Exos is capable of doing all sorts of things, but the tweaks available on Cydia is the most noticeable. I hope you all like the article, thanks for reading it!