NoMessageButtons Cydia Tweak – Remove Buttons

As we know that messaging app of the iOS offers a lot of features and these features are increasing day by day with up-gradation of the iOS, however all of these features are not that useful in our daily life regime. The question arises can we somehow manage to hide or eliminate these features for iOS messaging app, the answer to that problem is NoMessageButton application.

What is NoMessageButtons?

NoMessageButtons is the third party tweaked application which has been developed by iOS developer NeinZedd9, it simply offers features so that you can simply remove those extra features and buttons that have no use in your messaging app and have clean UI and minimalistic look.


One thing you have to know that this application is only installable only in jailbreak devices and after its installation you will get a preferences panel in your Settings app to navigate what you want to hide in the Messages app interface.

Features and options you get

Below given features you get by this application:

  • You can toggle the tweak on or off
  • You can hide the arrow button to the left of the text field
  • the audio button hiding option
  • the App Store button hiding option
  • the Digital Touch button hiding option
  • the photo button hiding option

We all wanted to have cleanest simple UI for every app we use on our phone, same goes for iMessaging app for iOS, iMessaging app interface is due to updates over the year has offered lots of buttons and tabs that are not very useful as in daily normal uses.

As there are few of them are useful and others are unnecessarily used to occupy space, like useful one of sharing and sending your camera and gallery images. But there is one specific not so useful feature came into my mind is that audio recorder button which is placed right beside on the message typing bar, and I can precisely very confidently say that we all wanted to remove that button as there number of frequent times we accidentally press that button with wet fingers and send some unwanted and useful audio recordings to other, so in order to remove this buttons this tweaked application can be very useful.

Every individual is of different thinking and same goes with their uses preferences of application they use in their daily lives, so in order to make and customize the iMessage app as per your preference, this kind of tweak you will look for and trust me it will not disappoint you.

NoMessageButtons Working Procedure

As we mentioned above NomessageButton is the tweaking application that offers customization of buttons and features of the iMessage application of the iOS, and it’s working procedure is very simple and easy to use.

When you download and install this application on you jailbreak iOS device it will simply add a navigation panel inside the settings menu of your device and from there you can simply enable and disable the buttons and customize the iMessaging app as per your uses.

The only drawback precisely we can say about this tweak that if you remove some of its buttons then the space they take will remain and message bar will remain as it is before. Hence there is updated needed to occupy the left space automatically and various users also reported and given feedback to provide the update related to the mentioned problem to the developer and on GitHub website.

How to Download NoMessageButtons Tweak

In order to download NOMessageButtons, this tweaked feature can easily be downloaded from Cydia’s Bigboss repository. It is compatible with all iOS10 devices and if anyone wants to know more about this tweak it is available in open source on GitHub.


I hope this article about NoMessagesButtons helped you to remove unwanted features from your messaging application on iOS devices. If you any problem or want to give some suggestions and feedback related to this article feel free to reach to us.