NoHistorySafari Cydia Tweak – Hide Safari History on iPhone

Your private browsing history is what tells so much about you. It explains your profession, hobbies, passion and finance and many more aspects that you are not comfortable to share with anyone. This is actually like writing a diary. Here you share all your intimate details but do not wish it to be seen by anyone.

Why you NoHistorySafari?

Visiting numerous sites and going through different types of content is a habit of all of us. This is our right and we love to spend time by browsing the sites of our choice. But there are a few nosy colleagues at the workplace or some siblings at home who love to know it all. They will definitely go through the browsing history to know what you have been looking for or at for hours on your mobile.


To prevent such an awkward situation, you can install safari on your device. The browsing is private information which should not be passed to anyone in any situation. That is the reason we should take extra precaution to hide our history and messages from the inquisitive lots. Downloading and using Safari for browsing is an option which works up to some extent, you can use private browsing feature in Safari, but this is not a full-proof method and, it does not only hides your browsing history but also comes with a few issues, which you may not like.

This is why and how the new tweak, NoHistorySafari Cydia Tweak comes.  The name suggests it all. The NoHistorySafari Cydia Tweak completely hides your Safari history and renames the section as “Nothing’.

This is a jailbreak tweak and is developed by iOS developer Wisy Channel.  This one prevents Safari from keeping the browsing history of the sites that you have visited and yet it will not use the private browsing mode.

How NoHistorySafari works:

  • This is an optimal solution for the users who do not want to use the private browsing option, as it happens to disable the autofill and some other web browsing features. When so many functions get disabled, you will not feel as comfortable you should be while browsing the sites and manually entering the data every time required.
  • After installation of NoHistorySafari Cydia Tweak, you can tap the button at the tab bar for Bookmarks, at the bottom of the app like regular times, and you will see the history cell is renamed to “nothing”.
  • If you click on that “Nothing” cell, nothing will happen.  It used to bring the list of sites that contained all the page names that you have browsed and that would satisfy your snoopy friend or colleague, but now it will be empty, nothing to see for them.
  • It makes the directory inaccessible where the searching or browsing data is stored. It also blocks the user from accessing the search bar and thus no history can be seen by the intruders.
  • If you install it, it will start working just the next moment it gets out of the box. You do not have to be bothered about the setting or options to fix it or customize it for your device.
  • You get an additional layer of privacy from NoHistorySafari Cydia tweak that is, peace of mind. It is what you want. You will still be doing the browsing and without the help of private browsing mode. So you can enjoy full access to all the features of Safari which would have been earlier disabled by the private browsing mode.

Users’ views:

This one just hides the history and does not delete it, so if you uninstall the tweak then those data can be retrieved. This is the most secure method and it offers easy privacy from the stock app. Once you make your directory inaccessible with this tweak, you can safely enjoy your alone session of net browsing. You cannot access the search bar at all as long as this tweak is on, but if you need to see your own browsing history, then you can do that by disabling this tweak by uninstalling it. later you can reinstall it.

You can get it free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and it works fine for all the iOS 10 devices that are jailbroken. This one cannot be configured as you do not have any option for that.