NoctisXI Cydia Tweak

NoctisXI Cydia tweak has an amazing system-wide dark mode to Appleā€™s latest mobile operating system. This jailbreak tweak is available in the Cydia store or you can directly get it through the developer. It is known for the dark mode that goes throughout the phone seamlessly. There are a large number of different settings that one can have with this tweak.

NoctisXI Cydia Tweak

The features that are offered by NoctisXI Cydia tweak are amazing and are listed below:

  • NoctisXI basically includes three modes for apps to enable dark mode on your whole device.
Noctis12-dark mode feature
  • The NoctisXI makes the system, smart and improves the compatibility of the device.
  • It also includes a control center toggle for ease of access through the app.
  • This tweak is not only limited only to the applications, but it also alters the iOS user interface.
  • The NoctisXI comes with a powerful and easy-to-use preferences section where you can access any setting quite easily and modify it according to your needs.
Noctis12-Settings-Perefernce Pane
  • Has 3 levels of darkness to choose from i.e. light, medium, and dark, and also the users can add their own custom color tint.
  • The NoctisXI Cydia tweak can easily modify the control center, notifications, widgets, folders, and dock, and the share sheets.

These features make the NoctisXI Cydia tweak perfect as it has so many things to offer to its users.

Download and Install NoctisXI Cydia Tweak

The steps to download and install the NoctisXI Cydia tweak on to your devices are as follows:-

  • Firstly you have to download the Cydia app for your device.
  • After downloading and installing the Cydia onto your device open it.
  • Now after opening the Cydia app, go to the search option and search for NoctisXI Cydia tweak for iOS devices.
  • Click on the search option and you will find the NoctisXI Cydia tweak for your iOS devices device.
  • Now you can install the NoctisXI Cydia tweak on to your device.
  • Follow all the instructions given on the screen and you can now download and install the NoctisXI Cydia tweak on to your device for iOS devices.
  • Now you have to open the NoctisXI Cydia tweak on your device and do the patching of apps and games and can modify them.
  • Also can enable the dark mode according to the preference for the whole device.

The steps for downloading and installing the NoctisXI Cydia tweak are easy to follow and you can easily use it for your iOS devices and modify your device according to your will to improve the ease of your devices.


The NoctisXI Cydia tweak is an amazing app for managing the device and to enable the dark mode on your complete device and is preferred due to its user-friendly interface. The settings are modified according to your will and the ease of access is improved with NoctisXI Cydia tweak. The users prefer this tweak as it is easy to download and install and also use and the bugs are fixed on this quite fast due to the active developers.