Musessions Cydia Tweak – Rip Music from Soundcloud and other streaming sites

This music tweak is here to help you, music lovers, to get the music from online and store those into your device, in a single place.

Musessions Cydia tweak is a system-wide media tracker that is built to consolidate the music experience that you are going to have.


It will solve the problem of not remembering some exact song that you have heard and liked but now are unable to find it. This one comes with unlimited system-wide history which solves this problem.  You will get system-wide listening and watching history which will be sorted by the listening session.

Now what is a session? Session means a specific span of time while you were enjoying media at one stretch. The listening hour or time is separated by each session, like the period when you are coming back from work, or the time you are spending at gymming and so on. When you are keeping the audio activity at the stop for a short period then only a new session starts with next time audio listening.

Features and aspects of Musessions:

  • You can enable pause tracking feature of this tweak which will help you to pause the session tracking after a customised amount of time if not manually pause in between.
  • There is an auto-delete feature in this tweak that automatically deletes the sessions and their album artwork after the time of your choice. You can manipulate it and modify it for required deletion. This is set in default for 14 days.
  • Bookmarking is another feature of this tweak. You can mark any media for your reference. This can be done on any media player with only a press of a button. You can bookmark not only a single song, but many more. You can bookmark the media for more than one time. This can be done by elapsing the actual playtime within the track to view later. Also, you can skip a part of any song and listen to your favourite part of this feature.
  • Music importing is also done in this tweak. This is the way to keep all your favourite tracks or media files in one place.  From here you can manually search for the song that you may like to listen.  You no longer need to go through different apps to listen to different songs, as all of them will be stored together. By browsing the history you can import the songs or listen to them by activator methods.
  • There is a feature called import now playing. This is an activator action and that is basically playing for the bookmarked media files. Musessions find the best match from iTunes and adds that song to your musical app. Now you can listen to any song from any app from a single place.
  • The tweak can also import add ones and if you are finding for a particular song which is present in a particular app, then take help from this, and you can get that app on your device.
  • You can share the musical gems that you find. So do not be selfish and keep that to yourself. Rather share it by using this dedicated app activator action. You can share the song or media that is being played now within a group. The friends do not need to possess an iOS or jailbroken.
  • The clickable text that you will send to the friends in your contact list can be specified by Musessions, for those who are using it can be stocked in iOS or Android.
  • If you or your friend both are using Musession and do not wish to be disturbed at eerie hours like 3 am then keep a “do not disturb” time span which will be applied to this app and within that period no one can send you any request to join the session.
  • If the autoplay is enabled and the streaming is undisturbed, the link that you send to your friend will start playing with only one tap.
  • You can start the queue from the bookmarks that have been stored, sent or relived from a previous session. You have built-in media player in this app.
  • If you are using SoundCloud then you are aware of the artist and title strings mess. You can parse out the gibberish by metadata parsing.
  • This is compatible with iOS7,8,9  and 10 version.

This tweak is a must-have if you are a music lover. The cost is 3 USD and you can download it from Bigboss Cydia repo.