Liberty Lite for iOS: Jailbreak Detection Bypass for iOS 11 with Electra

App stores offer android users various facilities, but they want everything to be legal. Android users are using various third-party applications which need them to jailbreak their device. This happens because many chosen or liked apps are not found on the app-store of that particular device. When the users are trying the third-party apps, then they are unable to do so as the policies of the app company and the device setting do not match. Thus software and games of choice remain unreachable to the android users.

So they are inventing new techniques to detect devices which are jailbroken.  Detecting jailbreak hampered iOS 10 and 11 firmware. Jailbreak is so far the only solution for this issue, but it has many odds. If you have possibly done jailbreak on your device, then you know a lot of apps and games detect this and they do not run or even install on the iPad or iPhone. Due to this issue, many games and software cannot be downloaded or played on those devices.


A few tweaks have been invented to sort the matter, among them xCon worked well but not on the devices with iOS 11.  So there has been a demand for tweak which will be compatible with iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad. Liberty Lite is a Cydia tweak which is the answer to all these problems. It will hide the jailbreak status of the device from the apps with the help of Electra jailbreak.

How it works

Electra jailbreak hides the jailbreak status of the gadget and thus allows the apps to download or run on the gadgets. Liberty lite was recently launched to work with Electra jailbreak. Liberty Lite is a lighter version of Liberty tweak which bypasses the jailbreak detection, though Liberty tweak work for iOS 9 and iOS 10 version. Ryley Angus, the tweak developer from Australia has developed both these tweaks. As it is the lighter version of the original Liberty tweak, it contains fewer features, but those are not to be customized or selected on Cydia Substrate or Comex’s substitute.

The surprising fact of this tweak is, when invented, it was not tested on iOS 11. Rather it was tested on iOS9/10 but still, it functions smoothly on iOS 11.

Currently Liberty Lite works for the below-listed apps:

  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Caixabank app
  • British Airways
  • Vudu
  • Super Mario Run
  • Snapchat
  • Paypal
  • Pokemon Go
  • Dokkan Battle JP
  • Santander Personal Banking
  • Mybranch
  • Naruto
  • Uber

Apps or games which are still not working with Liberty Lite are:

  • Sparkasse app
  • DKB app
  • Sky go app
  • Animal Crossing : pocket camp
  • Fate/Grand Order
  • UBS Access
  • RHBNow
  • Halifax Banking app
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy OO
  • Maybank Banking

The required set up for Liberty Lite

  • You need i-gadget, be that iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. 
  • The operating system should be iOS10,11 or 12.
  • To check if the jailbreak is getting detected you need such an app which will detect it.
  • Cydia is needed on your device.

How to install Liberty Lite

The process of installing Liberty Lite is quite simple and if you successfully follow it you will be able to hide the jailbreak status on your device. You need to have Cydia and Electra jailbreak on your device to enable Liberty Lite. So the first step is getting both of these apps on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Then you can open Cydia home page and reach for Source tab.
  • Add the repository by typing
  • Now you have installed the repository on your device, and you can browse for the “all packages” section.
  • Remove the older version of the package before going to the search tab.
  • Check the tweak Liberty Lite. If you are unable to find the tweak, then you may need to disable the previously installed tweaks like NotTodaySatan and LittleX.
  • The current version is .1.19. If you have got the version, install it.
  • Block jailbreak detection will be shown just below the enable liberty button, drag the toggle for the apps.
  • Then you can restart the springboard, due to which the machine will respring.
  • Now again visit the settings and select liberty. 
  • Now turn on Enable Liberty.
  • Next you have to click on block jailbreak detection for the apps and games that will be listed.
  • Check all the boxes you want to use and you are done.

Hopefully you will be able to use all the apps that had earlier detected jailbreak on your device, for example Snapchat, or Mario Run. The developers are working regularly on this tweak, and many more apps are to be patched. The feedback of the users is really valuable to them.