Launchtron – Circular Launcher for iOS 7 – iOS 12+ (Side Launcher)

Launchtron is a phenomenal extraordinary side launcher tweak that works on ios 7 + on a jailbroken iPhone/iPad. The most amazing part of the tweak is that it is fully free for an individual to download activate and use it. As the tweak is pretty compatible with iOS version beginning from ios 7, near about all the jailbroken iPhone/iPad users can install and utilize the tweak on their individual devices.

This new free jailbreak tweak called Launchtron by ios developed Nepata is basically a quick –access app launch that one can summon from anywhere with a swipe and it also helps an individual to access apps more quickly than one could with ios native  App switcher’.


Launchtron is a circular app launcher interface. One can swipe up or down on it and tapping on an app icon from the app wheel that launches that App. Once its installed Launchtron adds a preference pane to the settings app where one can configure the tweak for an individual particular case.

We can use the app as follows ;

  • Toggle Launchtron on offer demand.
  • Display a specific app in the Launchtron app wheel.
  • Display recently  – used apps in the Launchtron app wheel
  • Select the number of app icons that will display in the Launchtron app wheel.
  • Disable Launchtron in specific application’
  • Choose which side Launchtron appears on (left-right or dynamic).
  • Follow the vertical location of your finger as you swipe in.
  • Choose between a half circle and full circle app wheel.
  • Configure a custom animation speed.

One of the unique points is that the developer also includes two buttons at the bottom of the preference pane one for respringing and saving individual changes and another for restoring default settings and respringing.

One of the appreciable points is how the user can choose to use Launchtron for recently used Apps or a small subset of favourite apps. Furthermore, an individual can customize how Launchtron appears and how many apps it displays at a glance.

Overall Launchtron seems to be excellent work in progress because the developer says more features are coming soon, like support for both lock and home screen as an improved background blur among other things.

Today sites like Cydias Nepta repository and other few from where you can download the app for free.