Jumper Cydia Tweak – Customize quick launch icons on your lock screen

Using a smartphone means you will always be looking for a shortcut. In fact, being the modern and smart generation we are always seeking short cuts in every field of life. The smartphone is just a part of life now. To make you understand the necessity of shortcuts, we may take the help of an example. The vanilla iOS 11 operating system has come up with two quick launch icons – the flashlight and the camera.  But if you are a user of the same operating system, do you actually turn the flashlight on by going to the lock screen? Also did you not wish that there would have been a shortcut to use the WhatsApp or Snapchat that you could have accessed through lock screen as well?

This is why the iOS developer Neo Ighodaro has developed a new jailbreak tweak called Jumper.


Importance of Jumper Cydia Tweak:

  • This is like many other countless shortcut based jailbreak tweaks and it provides you with two different app shortcuts on the lock screen. Now you are allowed to access the respective apps with a snap.
  • This tweak works to customize the stock quick launch icons on the lock screen.
  • Also, you can add your own icons from the preference sections. The tweak should be enabled first and then custom shortcuts should be added from the list of supported applications.

Facts to remember:

  • You can only add shortcuts for a few selected and supported applications till now. However, this tweak is supported by applications of a large list and almost all the important applications are covered by that list.
  • You can make the shortcut icons look like the stock flashlight and camera icons. But if you wish to use the original app icon you have to disable the tweak.
  • To open the custom quick launch icons, you need to force touch the icon of the desired app.
  • The developer of this tweak has included a complimentary respring button at the top right of the app and thus you can save your changes. Tap it any time to modify jumper’s settings.
  • If you see the icon buttons are displaced, you can go to settings and click on “Fix Displaced Buttons”. Or else you can install ShortCutEnabler from Sileo.

What you can do with this tweak:

There are in fact many things to do with Jumper Cydia Tweak:

  • You can toggle the tweak on and off when required.
  • This app can be configured when you are going to assign the first shortcut.
  • Again you can configure the app when the second shortcut is assigned.
  • You can also get the styled icons matched with the app that those represent.

How to download Jumper Cydia Tweak

It works pretty well with the iOS 11 and this tweak is just perfect to lock screen, so do not hesitate and go ahead. This you can get from TapSharp repository for free. As mentioned above, this is iOS 11 compatible.

In modern times the security measures have made it easy to access Face ID and Touch ID which allows you easy access to Home Screen and the apps located there. But it never hurts if you have some additional tweaks to do the jobs, especially if you do not use your camera and flashlight, to begin with. This will provide you with alternative shortcut options.

The glitches:

Now coming to the issues –

  • The tweak does not support lock plus pro. 
  • Also, the icon badges are misaligned in the landscape mode.
  • The custom scheme does not work very well.
  • The selected custom scheme will not be shown in the settings popup when you will reopen it.

What is new in the latest updated version:

  • The issue with preferences has been sorted.
  • The colour customisation option has been omitted as it was causing an issue.
  • The new toggle has been added to force fix button placement so the user does not have to download ShortCutEnabler.

Users’ feedback:

  • The payment method is a bit confusing but the tweak is worth a try. You can contact a developer on Twitter and use it, and you will not regret your decision.
  • The recent upgrade is not worth it, it was working great before it as well.
  • There is no option for a refund if the issues already exist on the description.  It is better to watch Youtube videos and screenshots to know the process before buying it.