How to Jailbreak tvOS 11.2-11.3 using ElectraTV Jailbreak

Apple TV is a great development for any current TV setup. With an Apple TV, you can play video, music and motion pictures and what not, directly from your iOS device by using AirPlay. And can also play games available on the Apple Store using a joystick.

Apple TV has a lot more to serve its users. With its excellent features and interface, it is quite popular. Apart from this, there are still some applications that aren’t approved by the Apple Store and isn’t available in the store. But if you are eyeing on those applications and feature then you can use it by simply jailbreaking your Apple TV. And to solve this recently, ElectraTV jailbreak device for Apple tvOS 11.2 and 11.3 has been released.

It is highly appreciated by the users and quite a huge amount of people has asked about how to jailbreak tvOS 11.2-11.3 using ElectraTV Jailbreak. If your Apple TV is if 4th and 5th generation then you can easily jailbreak.

electra for Apple TV

If you are TV enthusiastic then, you will really like to jailbreak your Apple TV. Jailbreaking the Apple TV will add lots of functionality including installing a web browser, customization, media content, install the favorite app without revokes, and much more.

So, if you have Apple TV and want to Jailbreak it using Electra TV Jailbreaker, then have a look. Let’s have A look on requirements prior using the application.

Pre-Requirements to Jailbreak tvOS 11.2-11.3

  1. The system must run-on high-quality internet, as it needs a good quality with high speed data connectivity to run its process without any trouble.
  2. Download and install Cydia impactor on your computer, before connecting it to the Apple tv and starting the process.
  3. If the version of your Apple TV is 11.4, then currently it is not possible to jailbreak it.
  4. IPA file of ElectraTV is needed to installed to jailbreak the tvOS 11.2-11.3.
  5. There shouldn’t be any other version installed in your computer as this is exclusively for tvOS 11.2- 11.3.

How to Jailbreak tvOS 11.2-11.3

  1. Using Type C cable which comes with Tv or with mobile phone or computer, connect apple TV with your computer.
  2. Now download and install the Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  3. Once the Cydia Impactor has recognized Apple TV, drag the downloaded ElectraTV IPA files onto Cydia impactor window.
  4. Login with Apple ID Username and Password and Enter the iTunes Login credentials.
  5. Once it is available on your Apple TV, switch is on.
  6. Now, you can see ElectraTV or backroom app on your TV home screen.
  7. Start the ElectraTV app on your TV and wait for couple of minutes.
  8. Now your device is in jailbreak mode, and you can use it according to your choice and preference.

Enjoy the experience of Apple Tv using ElectraTV jailbreaker. Stream through the various features and applications of your choice and sink into the homely environment with your friends and family.