How To Jailbreak iOS 11.4 using Electra 1131 v1.0.3

Electra1131 jailbreak is the original Electra jailbreak iOS 11.2-11.3.1 firmware port. It is developed by renowned Coolstar, Nullpixel, and pwn20nd developers. Two versions of this jailbreak have been released based on the feats of Ian Beer-TCP exploit VFS

The multipath model requires a developer account, whereas a developer account is not required for the vfs version. However, the success rate of the multipath exploit is significantly higher but difficult to use.

Do not use the multitrack version if you have a paid-up developer account, as it complicates unnecessarily.



  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  • A compatible firmware version
  • A computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • Electra1131-1.0-vfs.ipa
  • Cydia Impactor
  • Internet connection

How To Jailbreak iOS 11.4 using Electra 1131

Step 1: Hook up your devices to the computer with Cydia Impactor and start. WITH IOS 11.2-11.3.1.

Step 2: Use the relevant links to download the Electra IPA file and drag it to the window of Cydia Impactor.

Step 3: Key email and password to your Apple ID and let the installation start. If you have done the above steps properly, the app must now pop up on your home screen in a couple of seconds.

Step 4: You’d like to give it the necessary entitlements before you run the app. To do this, go to General > Profiles & Device Management and open the Settings app. Choose your Apple ID email and the Electra app to “trust.”

Stage 5: Start the Jailbreak app and tap it. Note that the achievements used in this jailbreak tool are not reliable and multiple attempts can be made to install Cydia. It’s not unusual for the app to take 100 attempts at all. 

Step 6: Your device will reboot two times when you run your app for the first time. After the first reboot and after the installation of Cydia Electra needs to be restarted.

If the above method does not work for you for some reason, try giving the multipath version an attempt. As previously mentioned, your success rate is significantly high and you can jail your device in just two or three trials.

How to Use Electra 1131 (Multipath Version) Without a Developer Account

Step 1: Open your iPhone or iPad’s Safari web browser.

Step 2: Visit the signing service Ignition website. This site already stores all jailbreak applications signed on a business account, thereby denying the necessity to buy a developer account.

If you try to access the website down for a few hours, try until the developers fix it all.

Step 3: Download the button Jailbreak next to the app Electra1131 MP to scroll down.

Step 4: Installing the app will be prompted by the website. To start the installation process, tap Install.

Step 5: Once your home screen is displayed, start it and tap Jailbreak to begin the operations process. If all goes well, Cydia will appear in a couple of seconds on the home screen.

Installing Compatible Tweaks

  • Launch Cydia and wait until the connection error has been lobbed.
  • Turn Wi-Fi on, switch off the Airplane mode and tap Reload when you’re within the Cydia app.

Tweaks can now be installed on your Apple device via Cydia. Check our tweak compliance list for iOS 11.3.1 and make sure your tweak is available.

As you already know, this jailbreak instrument is semi-untethered.

How to Jailbreak Rebooting Your Device

That means that every time you reboot your iPhone / iPad, you lose your jailbreak. To correct this, you need to re-run the Electra app in jailbreak mode.

If the App is Signed

You can simply re-jailbreak your device when the app is running again if the app is still in the time of signing. To put your iPhone or iPad in jailbreak mode, press Enable Jailbreak.

If the App is Unsigned

Remember that you only have to withdraw the signature period for 7 days and the Cydia Impactor application must be designed using the above steps 1-4 of the vfs method. Simply press the Activate Jailbreak button when you sign the app.

Alternatively, the Ignition signing service multi-path version can be used to sign the jailbreak application, until Apple has withdrawn its certificate.

How to Increase Your Success

  • Place your Apple device in airplane mode to improve your success rate.
  • Start your device again.
  • Enter your code.
  • Check the app switcher for all applications.
  • Start the Electra app, but don’t press jailbreak.
  • Lock for 60 seconds your iPhone or iPad.
  • Start again the Electra app and press the Jailbreak option.