iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working? 5 Ways to Fix

A lot of users have reported issues with their volume buttons. They usually find that when they use their volume buttons then they do not work. It might feel to you that there is some hardware issue but before you go to the store and try out the hardware fixes it is recommended that go through the blog and read the tips which can help you to solve the not working issues.

There are a lot of things that you can try out. These are the bug fixes or it might have happened that some amount of dirt would have entered your device. If your device is facing software issues then it could be fixed by restarting the device. If your charging port or buttons are dirty then you can fix the problem by cleaning them. Some of the easy methods can be used to fix these issues. These are listed below in the article. Go through it can you might end up solving the issue without the need of going to the store.

Ways to Fix the Volume Button Not Working Issue

iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working

1. Restart your device

If you find that your iPhone volume buttons are not working then the simplest thing that you can do is restart your phone. Now it’s the issue with every device that it may act oddly at any point in time. So, for that, what you can do is, restart it. This will give your iPhone a fresh start and might fix your issues. For this, you just need to press the sleep button and when the slider appears, click on the power off button. Now after a few seconds press it again to restart.

2. Reset

In most of the cases, the restart will fix the issue alone and your volume buttons will start to work again. But if it still not works then you can go for the reset option. You don’t need to worry about your data. All your data will be safe.

  • You need to press the sleep button and along with that the home button.
  • When you do this you will see the Apple logo and the phone will start to reset.

3. Press the volume buttons

If you face the volume buttons not working issue then you should try pressing the volume buttons several times and that might help to fix your problem. This might occur if your volume buttons are stuck, and pressing them can go back to their original position. Or if they do not get back to place then try going to an apple store. 

4. Ring button

By using this trick you can successfully get the buttons in the normal position. You are required to toggle between the buttons so that you can get the volume buttons on position. By using this simple step you can solve the problem.

5. Cleaning the ports

In some cases, it is noticed that the problem is mainly due to the connector and the dust that is trapped in it. You can also clean the headphone jack to solve the issue.  Some of the users who faced the problem could manage to solve it by using this fix. You need to be sure that you are successful in removing all the dirt and dust. Now when you are done with the process then you need to use the volume buttons.

iPhone buttons not working due to the water damage

If by mistake your iPhone comes in contact with water then you need to turn it off right at that moment. After that, you are required to wipe it with cloth or towel. Now you also need to be sure that you have successfully removed water from the buttons, and the charging ports. Also, take out your Sim cards and unplug the headphones. Now keep your phone at a place where it dries immediately.

When the phone has dried then check again if it is working or not. Now this will be a very important tip that will help you to protect your phone.


The iPhone volume buttons might not work due to several reasons and that might be related to the software issues. You can easily cure these by using the above tips. If that does not work then you can try going to the apple store.