Installous- Install Paid Apps for Free on Jailbroken iOS

Internet is loaded with news of Installous app that lets you generate a massive difference in your jailbroken iOS devices. No matter what you’re a tech geek or an ordinary iOS device owner, the features of Installous app are going to confine you to jailbreak your iOS device and get the much-awaited apps for free. Yes, we definitely love enjoying these awesome applications and games that are played for real money.


Features of Installous

Make sure you know the characteristics of Installous before installing on your iOS device for free of expenditure.

  • Multitasking: You can still run different applications on your iOS device background and run the app after Installous installation takes place.
  • Updates: Installous app keeps you briefed regarding the latest updates which are required on your iOS device from time to time intervals. All you need to do is click on the update button for the latest version.
  • Mobile hunt: This fantabulous feature allows you to share the application with anyone who hasn’t used it till date. This entire process is safe and anonymous.
  • App tracker integration: It lets you integrate your report link to moderators for keeping a track about installous app clean. You only have to get registered with the app tracker and get the best out of the app.

How to install Installous on an iOS device

  • Open Cydia- Manage minor links- edit URL and click adds.
  • Like any other app, you will have to search for Installous 5 application and browse in your iOS device.
  • Open Cydia and move towards Manage> Sources.
  • Once the source page is opened, you will be able to see an enormous number of website available there, Don’t change anything over there. All you have to do is Edit tap and select Add.
  • A pop window is shown and all you have to do is type that URL and select Add sources. You will get a window asking you want to like it to the window or not. All you have to do is just click anyways.
  • Allow Cydia to reboot and update all by itself, as your WIFI is on a download will be happening in the background for all the updates of the sources. Be sure your WIFI is kept ON.
  • After the updates and downloads are done, go to Cydia and type Installous and click on the download button. Installous is a Free app.
  • After Installous is downloaded you can fire up the app on your device. Every paid app is all hands-free and the best part is that it’s all free!…
  • Installous application is one of the most recommended application to download any app without paying a single penny.
  • This application is supported downloads through Torrent without worrying about the download to happen.


AppCake was launched in the year 2008 with an intention to the server a similar purpose to Installous. Appcake provides free download to your iOS device.