How to Install Staline Restore Utility for iOS 11/11.1.2

If you want to restore your device and have faced problems then you might go through this article thoroughly, it may help you deal with your problems. This article will provide you with details regarding the tools and the process with which you can restore your windows.

It has a number of tools which can help you to restore your windows. Staline is one of those tools which are ideal to restore windows.

Our tendency is to skip the restore option and always delay it, due to which the complications arise. This mistake leads us to many issues for our device for which we would need solutions to deal.

Staline Restore Utility

When Apple releases any updates on the iOS devices it usually disconnects with the earlier versions of firmware. This is a strategy used by the Apple so that it is able to keep the jail breakers away. Apple releases new updates and also is successful in fixing the issues of the jailbreaks. Apple stops signing any of the older firmwares.

By this it is able to prevent the users from being downgraded to a version that can be easily jailbroken. So this ability of upgrading or downgrading your firmware version to any unsigned firmware version can be of great help if you want to jailbreak your Apple devices.  

Requirements for Installing Restore Tool- Staline

While restoring your device you need to be specific with the restoring tool you are using, as the restoring process might develop some errors so you ought to be careful to avoid these.

One of the most important features of this tool is that it will download many desired updates to make the restore process fault free.

If you want to make your process easy then, you just need to have the certain requirements. Below are the requirements, go through these:

  • USB cable
  • iPad or iPhone
  • A PC with installed windows.
  • You need to back up your device at first.
  • You would need the blob for the tour iOS device that you need to upgrade or downgrade.

Process to Install Staline

Step 1: Firstly you need to download the newest version of the restore tool Staline.

Step 2: Now the antivirus installed in your device would stop your download, for this need to stop your antivirus for a while then again start downloading the application.

Step 3: Now what you need to do is keep or save the file named blob on your desktop.

Step 4: You can rename this file to blob.shsh2.

Step 5: Your next step would be to place any file that has the firmware you desire to your desktop.

Step 6: You can also rename this file as per your wish or as target.ipsw.

Step 7: You also have the ability to either upgrade the version of the firmware you are saving or downgrade it.

Step 8: When your files will be ready, you will be able to download your required program.

Step 9: Now you need to download two applications that is  Cydia Impactor and NonceSet1112 IPA file. You firstly need to install it on your computer and then install on your iPhone. You can do this by using Cydia.

Step 10: After completing the above step you will have to download the future restore tool. This restore tool is of thimstar.

Step 11: Now make your tool to perform the tasks it need to.

Step 12: You can also follow simple procedures so that you perform the restoring task easily.

You can use the Staline app or tool to restore your device very easily. Follow the above procedure to download the tool.