How to Install Delta Lite NES Emulator for iPhone/iPad

Over the past few years, NES Nintendo Entertainment System has become the biggest craze among people of all ages. It is certainly one of the best and greatest gaming consoles to date that has changed millions of people’s gaming experience to a fairly high level. In the field of gaming consoles, NES is not at all a new name, but it is one of the oldest gaming consoles on the market.

Playing NES games on their smartphone is one of the modern people’s most desirable activities. Playing NES classics with emulation is not difficult, and it’s one of the most popular reasons people are going to jailbreak their devices.


So before we get started a little background info is warranted:

An emulator is a hardware device or software that can be used to imitate the functions of a computer system (also called a host). It allows the host system to run guest system software, equipment, peripheral devices and other components. Emulators can replicate items such as hardware, software, operating systems or CPU. In most cases, however, the architecture of the hardware is emulated in a guest system-like environment.

As you know, it is not a very good idea to use jailbreak to access third-party applications. Sometimes it can lead to various major issues on your smartphone, particularly the security and safety of your iOS device. So it is always prudent to get sideways access to your third-party sources so that you can enjoy the intense games and don’t have to worry about your data’s security as well.

Now it’s perfect time to launch the iPhone/ iPad Delta Lite NES when you don’t have to jailbreak your IOS to play limitlessly with theĀ  NES. Delta Lite has been perfectly developed by the Riley Testut and the full Delta emulator and has been one of the finest applications software ever.

Install Delta Lite NES Emulator on iPhone/iPad

Delta Lite NES Emulator has been given one of the quick playgrounds within the app to enjoy the unrestricted fun of NES, and best of all, it is the ideal iPad compatible app. This means you can install and play on this great source without having to deal with problems with any iPad running on the iOS 10 operating system. Now, you don’t need to wait until you play your NES games on your iPad, just get it downloaded and installed, and get plunged in one of the best game consoles in the world of games.


It’s one of Apple’s finest apps ever, which allows people to learn how coding works quickly. This is one of the easiest ways of playing NES games without much effort on your iPhone / iPad. It has remained a very simple experience working quickly on your iPad running oniOS version 10 and playing with these NES games.

Downloading and installation on your device of this wonderful application software. iPhone/iPad Delta Lite NES Emulator isn’t a really tough job to do. It’s a question of a couple of seconds and you’ll have one of the best iOS emulators for your iPad.

Install Delta Lite NES Emulator in Swift Playgrounds App on iPhone/iPad

The download and installation of this great application software on your iPad is done step by step below. Just take care to enjoy a smooth experience in NES gaming.

  • Search and download Swift Playgrounds on your iPad in the App Store.
  • Click on the link provided on your iPad to start Swift Playgrounds on it.
  • Tap the Subscribe option now, then click the Get option in the new Delta section, on the Delta Lite home screen.
  • Open the Delta Lite Playground, and then start playing your desired NES games.