Install Anti Lock for iOS | Stop Apps Getting Revoked on iPhone

Most of the iPhone users like to use third-party apps such as TweakBox, AppValley, hacked games, ++apps because they provide more features than the original ones. But when we install them they keep getting revoked i.e. officially getting cancelled because they are not from the official app store. Apple does not approve of them and sends a message that the app is from “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” and cancels the certificate of the app.

Anti Revoke iOS

This happens all of a sudden and we can no longer open the app. Now we have to reinstall the desired ++app once again. This reinstalling irritates us from using them. But there is a solution to this. We can install one app that will provide VPN and protect our third-party apps from getting revoked. Anti Lock is an app which will stop apps getting revoked on iPhone.

Features of Anti Lock for iOS

  • Blocks official Apple servers from sending revokes of apps
  • Freely install ++apps
  • Jailbreaking is a risky process for your iPhone. Jailbreaking of the device is not required to install Anti Lock.

Install Anti Lock on iOS

Installing Anti Lock on iOS is a pretty simple job for any iPhone device owner. We will see the step-wise installation procedure below:

  • Launch the Safari browser on your device
  • To download visit 
  • Wait for the page to load fully
  • You can see the ‘Install’ button in the right-hand corner of your screen. Hit that button
  • Profile page comes up with the ‘Install’ button at the top right corner. Hit that button
  • Enter the passcode of your device.
  • Consent screen comes up with a ‘Next’ option at the top-right corner. Click on that option.
  • You will get a warning screen regarding VPN profile. Ignore that and hit install
  • A dialogue box with the ‘Install’ option again appears. Hit that option
  • Finally, press ‘Done’ to move on to the next screen
  • You can see the ‘Anti Lock’ icon appear on the device only when installation and downloading is completed successfully on your device

Using Anti Lock in iOS devices:

  • Open the Anti Lock app by tapping the Anti Lock icon in your device which you have just installed
  • If you are opening it for the first time you will get an update screen with information about the recent updates. You can ignore that by tapping on the ‘X’ Close option
  • In the next screen, you will see a message “Anti Lock is ON” in green color. It proves that the application is installed successfully.
  • To verify the workability of the application visit Here you will see a defiant person. He is boldly disobeying Apple. If you see this screen your application is working perfectly. (OCSP: Online Certificate Status Protocol is an Internet Protocol used for obtaining the revocation status of a certificate. It maintains the security of a server.)
  • Note: For working of Anti Lock you have to download apps first (TweakBox, Clash of Clans etc.) Downloading of tweaked apps after installing Anti Lock may cause apps to get revoked because Anti Lock is there initially.

An Alternative way of downloading Anti Lock

  • Launch the Safari browser
  • Go to
  • Go to the download section
  • Tap on the iOS tools
  • Scroll down until you see the Anti Lock profile and tap on it
  • You will be directed to the download link page of Anti Lock
  • Click on the download link -> then download process will start in the background
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.

Do not open the app now directly because it will show an Untrusted Developer Enterprise message. So first you have to go to Settings->General->Profile->Device Management->Anti Lock Profile. Hit the trust button twice and now you can open it.

To conclude

Many users have downloaded third-party apps from other servers and Apple revoked these apps any time from their iOS devices. Anti Lock has helped them and so will it help you.

Use Anti Lock and stop frequent revocations of apps. No more crashing of apps. Enjoy your favorite games without Apple’s permission and certificates.