iMessage for Windows using iPadian

Apple and its features are quite popular in the market and people are more inclined towards iOS, as it provides users with the best of technology and features. The most talked feature about Apple iOS is iMessage which is very convenient and easy to use.

iMessage is the instant message application designed by Apple and used to communicate through text messages, emojis, GIFs, voicemails, documents etc. It works on the iPhone Operating System and Macintosh Operating System exclusively.


For Android and Windows users there are several applications similar to iMessage such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Hangouts etc. These apps could be a great alternative to iMessage. But the working speed and the efficiency of iMessage is unbeatable. That’s the reason why people have been looking for ways to use iMessage on non-iOS or non-Mac OS platforms.

Features of iMessage

iMessage comes with lots of features and that is what makes it stand out of the other similar applications available around. Let’s first know about them:

  1. It provides users with sufficient details and reports of actions taken to make the communication safe and secured.
  2. It lets you send the texts messages, voicemails, documents, GIFs, location all just at the cost of cellular data, and no other charges.
  3. You can react to the received messages, which makes communication more fun.
  4. To make conversation more interesting you can send stickers and handwritten messages as well.
  5. The interface is quite user-friendly and swift with excellent graphics and message quality.
  6. It lets users send and receive unlimited texts, documents, attachments, voicemails.
  7. To keep user privacy in mind the messages and chats send and received are end to ed encrypted.
  8. It comes with user-friendly ad customizable settings.

iMessage has a lot to offer, that is the reason why people are more apt about it and quite every time people have queries about how to install iMessage for Windows. So, here we have it for you:

Download & Install iMessage for Windows using iPadian

  1. Download the iPadian emulator from the trusted website to prevent virus attack and malfunctioning.
  2. Install the emulator on your system, after making required settings in your device, if any.
  3. Accept terms and conditions and run the program.
  4. Once the iPadian has been launched, register yourself with Apple User ID and Password. This would be required every time you log in.
  5. Look for iMessage application.
  6. If you cannot find it as default application, then download it from Apple Play Store.
  7. Sync it with your contacts and enjoy texting.

However, the receiver or the user at the other end of communication should be an iOS user or MacOS user or should have an iPadian installed. This method is the most trusted and convenient method to use iMessage on Windows efficiently. Apart from this there are several methods such as using Cydia, Chrome Remote Desktop etc.

What are you waiting for?! Install the iPadian emulator on your Windows and enjoy chatting with your friends and families using iMessage.