iCleaner Pro for iOS 11: Download on iPhone

The most annoying thing you may come across while using your iOS devices is when the storage space is running out. Also, since it is difficult to include an SD card slot to the device, it is always better to clean the device storage. iCleaner Pro is considered a unique App that reduces temporary caches and unwanted data and directories stored in the system.

When deleting the unwanted data from the store then it would be easier to free up more space. Many numbers of methods are available to easily clean up the unwanted data that are stored in the device as cache, but iCleaner Pro App is unique on the iOS device. Most professionals also recommend using this method to increase the efficiency of the device without any jailbreaking the device.

iCleaner Pro

Many iPhone or iPad users are using the iCleaner Pro App for easily free up more space. Deleting the images, videos or apps would also free more space, but it is impossible to delete the cache files on the system so that they cannot be deleted.

Previously only available for non-jailbroken devices running iOS 10 or below, as well as jailbroken devices, this latest updated version has been built with 64-bit compatibility in mind to work with iOS 11.

The latest version of iCleaner Pro is 7.7 and it is compatible with iOS 11.3 BetaiOS 11.2.6,iOS 11.2.5,iOS 11.2,iOS 11.1.2,iOS 11. Supported Devices include iPhone X,iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone 8,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 7,iPhone 6S Plus,iPhone 6S,iPhone SE,iPhone 5S,iPad Air,iPad Mini.


  • A compatible Apple device
  • Cydia
  • Working Internet connection

How to Install iCleaner Pro for iOS on iPhone X and Below

Step 1 :

Open Cydia.

Step 2 :

Go to Sources tab and tap Edit > Add.

Step 3:

 Add Ivano’s beta repository to Cydia. It is essential to use this repository because the installation will fail should you try to use other sources.

Step 4:

 Once the repository appears on your device, tap on it and go to its “All Packages” section. It contains just one Debian package, which is what you want to install.

Step 5 :

Tap Modify > Install > Confirm and wait for the installation to finish. If it displays “Depends apt”, you must first install the APT 0.7 Strict (lib) package from Electra’s default iOS Utilities source.

Step 6:

Once the installation gets over, the app will appear on your home screen. Launch it.

Step 7 :

Press the Clean button in the top-right corner to start the cleanup process. It will now start deleting the cache and other junk files.

Now, You will be able to free the big load of chunks of storage Files from iCleanser Pro.


iCleaner Pro software is the ultimate and best to go App that creates out the cache or unwanted data from the iPhone or iPad. It also includes the startup as well as task manager for giving you much better functioning. You can clean the recycle bin using the iCleaner Pro, and it is also completely free of charge. If you have been using your device for a long time, you will also be able to free up quite a few gigabytes of storage space.

It’s great to have this app back on my iPhone after such a long time. If you haven’t installed it already, go ahead and do so now.