How To Share Passwords Using AirDrop in iOS 12 on iPhone/iPad

iOS is setting up an unbeatable mark in a password management system where users really want to use. By using this, users can easily generate strong passwords. Whenever you encounter the sign in form and open third parties using an API, it will bring up relevant passwords.

Usually, Apple wants users to use strong passwords which are generated by the algorithms. But now it has made a lot easier to share the password as well. By using AirDrop, you can give the password to any Apple device that is nearby or with your friends.


So if you’re looking on How To Share Passwords Using AirDrop in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad then, you have to the right place. By following the steps down below, you can share

How to Share Passwords With AirDrop in iOS 12?

  • First, you have to launch the Settings app on the iOS device and Passwords & Accounts and Website & App Passwords.
  • After that, enter your iPhone passcode to see the saved passwords.
  • Note: You can instantly access all of your saved passwords in iOS 12 using the Siri. But to do so, you have to invoke the personal assistant and say Hey Siri show my passwords. And authenticate your identity to view your information.
  • Now, you have to choose a login and tap on the Password field and select AirDrop and then select the nearby device. That’s it, as usual, your password sent, the receiver has to tap on Accept in the popup to get it.
iOS 12 AirDrop Share Password 2

What Do I Need To Share WiFi Passwords On An iPhone Or iPad?

Generally, users have to download an app for sharing the WiFi passwords on an iPhone or iPad wirelessly. But most of the WiFi password sharing is unreliable and cause software crashes. Thus, Apple integrated a reliable and safe WiFi password sharing feature with the release of iOS 11.

So check the version of iOS your iPhone or iPad open the Settings app and General and About. Now, look at the number which is within the parentheses next to Version. If the number is starting with 11 iOS 11 is installed on your iPhone or iPhone.

How To Share WiFi Passwords On An iPhone Or iPad?

If you like to receive a WiFi password on iPhone or iPad, then follow the following steps.

  • First, you have to open the Settings app and tap on Wifi.
  • On a Choose A Network tap on the name of the network that you like to join, and then hold iPhone or iPad which is close to another iPhone or iPad.
  • If you would like to send your WiFi password to a friend’s iPhone or iPad, you have to unlock your iPhone or iPad first.
  • Now hold your iPhone or iPad, which is next to your friend’s iPhone or iPad.
  • After that, you will get an alert on your iPhone or iPad asking whether you like to Share Your Wi-Fi or not.
  • Now, you have to tap on the grey Send Password button, and you will receive the password and then tap on done.

How to Receive Shared Passwords?

At the end of it, log in details will be saved in iCloud Keychain, so if you’re not using the features then, you should start using it. It is the most secure and encrypted way to save and sync passwords on your Apple device. By using this feature, it will make your life a lot easier.

Whenever you receive a password using AirDrop iOS device will open the settings app automatically and take it to the password section. Over there it will ask you to authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID and ask whether you want to add or update the password.

After that, a password adds to the iCloud Keychain, and you can use it any form on your iOS device that supports autofill feature.

How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

Have you known that iOS 11 released a feature that allows users to share Wi-Fi passwords wirelessly and securely?

  • So you can ask the next person to open the Wi-Fi login screen so that you can bring the device together.
  • Once it’s done, a popup will appear on the screen of your device.
  • Now, you have to authenticate, and the next person will log in into Wi-Fi. And you don’t even have to know your password. That’s it!