How to Scan QR Code in iOS 12 from Control Center & 3D Touch

Prior to iOS 11, QR codes could be scanned directly from the photo. However, iOS 12 this year can do much more than scan the QR code directly from a shortcut to the Control Center. This option opens the camera directly. No need to start the camera application and waste time since the app uses QR code scanning manually. Open Web page automatically in Safari, iPhone/iPad app installed or App Store. A QR code is often the easiest way to read the content directly through QR code scanning, paying money or going to the link and is useful in many fields. ⠀

A QR Code is a type of 2D bar code used to facilitate easy access by a smartphone to information. The smartphone owner points the telephone to a QR code and opens a reader application that works in conjunction with the cameras of the telephone in that process, known as mobile tagging. The reader interprets the code, which typically includes a call to action, for example, a download invitation, a link to the viewing of a video or an SMS message to ask the viewer to answer an inquiry. The telephone owner can choose to make a call or cancel and ignore the call.

The most common type of static QR code is used to communicate information to the general public. They’re often shown on TV and in newspapers and magazines in advertising materials in the environment (such as pictures and posters). The code creator can track the number of scanned codes and their related actions together with the times of scans and the operating system of the scanning devices.

Further features are provided by Dynamic QR codes (sometimes known as unique QR codes). The owner can always edit the code and customize the marketing to a specific person. More specific data, including the names of the scanner and the e-mail address, how many times they scan the code and how often conversion rates can be tracked in conjunction with tracking codes on a website. Densa-Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, has developed the technology for QR codes. The codes were used for inventory tracking

Scan QR codes in IOS 12 Control Center & 3D Touch

  • Please navigate to Settings > Control Center as a first step.
Tap on Settings then Control Center in iOS 12 on iPhone
  • You will find a’ Scan QR Code‘ option by clicking on ‘Customize Controls.’
Add QR Code Scanner to iPhone Control Center
  • To add it to the Control Center checklist please click the’+‘ button on the left.
  • Now, as usual, bring your iPhone to the control centre.
  • You need to swipe from the top right corner when you are on iPhone X.
  • The icon of ‘Scan QR Code‘ will be visible in the Control Center along with other general options.
  • Tap it and scan the specific code you’re interested in reading immediately.
Scan QR Code from Control Center on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12

Scan QR Code in iOS 12 from Home Screen [3D Touch Required]

The QR Code can also be used to scan code from the home screen of your iOS device in iOS 12 (3D Touch Required). However, you need to use 3D Touch only in iPhone 6S or later (except for iPhone SE) for this purpose. This is not done in a complicated way. You only have to apply a 3D touch on your home screen to the camera app. Host of different options is provided with a short pop-up menu. You have to choose ‘Scan QR Code.’ This is it!

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