How to Remove Electra Jailbreak from iPhone or iPad

Electra’s website shows that more than 280,000 users have their iOS devices already jailbroken. You must savour all of the new tweaks and updates released over the past few weeks if you happen to be one of those users.

Although the new jailbreak is pretty stable, sometimes it just causes problems that put you off, such as unexpected freezes or lags, random reboots or reduced performance. The main culprit is unstable, or unsupported tweaks you install on your devices.


Thankfully, the jailbreak and all the installed tweaks can be removed without having to upgrade the firmware. This is possible with a tweak called SemiRestore11/Rollectra, which can be installed from Cydia directly, without adding any new repository. This tool is comparable to Saurik’s legacy Cydia Eraser, but numerous users say SemiRestore is much faster and more stable.

Electra toolkit’s just an iOS development toolkit. It’s not a complete jailbreak. It was only meant to be used by tweak and theme developers for testing purposes according to its developer.

In addition, this tool is still in the Beta stage of development. Beta builds, as you know, are vulnerable to errors and contain a few bugs and flaws.

How to Remove Electra1131 Jailbreak from iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Open Cydia and install SemiRestore11/Rollectra. You need not add a new repository, just search and install the package in Cydia.

How to Remove Electra Jailbreak from iPhone or iPad

Step 2: A new icon appears once installed on your SemiRestore home screen. Tap to open it.

Step 3: Now press Unjailbreak to start the process and delete your device from jailbreak. The usual use of your device until the process is complete takes a couple of minutes.

How to Remove Electra Jailbreak from iPhone or iPad

When it is un-jailbroken, your device will reboot and display Hello. All your personal information, document at this time have been removed as well as the jailbreak files and you can start again.

How to Use Rollectra to Remove Electra Without Needing to Restore

Step 1: Get your iPhone backed-up with iTunes or iCloud first. This step is very important because your personal data will end up being deleted.

Step 2: Cydia fire up storage and Rollectra / SemiRestore search.

The shop contains two versions of SemiRestore. One is an iOS 11.1.x and later lite version. Another version of the Rollectra is fully updated and iOS 11.3 and higher compatible.

The difference is that the first one only removed Cydia tweaks and applications but did not remove the entire jailbreak. The second one can remove any jailbreak code and returns to the state as if your device had never been jailed.

Step 3: Add Packix repository if you don’t find it in Cydia.

Tap Sources on the Cydia tab and tap on “Move” at the top of the left corner of the repository and use the “Add” button to add a new repository.

Please write the APT URL: https:/ Add the source and allow Cydia to refresh your content.

Step 4: Open Rollectra once installed and press the ‘unjailbreak’ single button to revert the modifications and return to the original iOS firmware. In a number of situations, such as selling your handset to a friend and taking away all your personal tweaks, and using the Cydia application. This tool is very useful. It will enable the phone to re-jailbreak your friend.

If any tweak or Cydia app doesn’t work properly, just use this app.

Give it a new start when reverting to the store firmware if you have some sort of odd error or problem with your iPhone.