How To Install Kodi on iPhone

There is no official Kodi app that will allow you to use Kodi on your iPhone or iPad. iPhones and iPad are fantastic media playback devices, but they can be even better with Kodi, a free and open-source media player software application for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. But that doesn’t stop the developer to give way for iPhone or iPad user to download.

For instance, if your phone is jailbroken you can just download the app from Cydia Software Store. iPhone not Jailbroken? Don’t worry this article will help you to download Kodi without Jailbreaking your iOS device. 


What is KODI?

  • Kodi started its life in 2002 as Xbox Media Player. A year later, this feature-rich, free, and open source media player for the Xbox was renamed to Xbox Media Center or XBMC for short.
  • The software had proved so successful that it was quickly ported to other platforms, such as Windows and Mac OS X. As the software matured, it has eventually become the most popular software media centre in the world.
  • To reflect this reality, the developers released an announcement on 1 August 2014, saying that XBMC will change its name to Kodi with the release of the version 14.
  • It’s a versatile and extremely popular piece of media-player software and is often used to play internet video (or downloaded media files in a variety of formats) on a big-screen TV.
  • The biggest draw is the vast number of add-ons available, offering extended functionality like the ability to watch movies or live TV.
  • You can also change the look and feel of Kodi thanks to the highly customizable skinning engine, and you can even control Kodi remotely using its JSON-RPC based remote interface and hundreds of hardware remote controls.
  • Kodi is simply an astonishing media playback application, one that every movie and TV buff should try.

Install Kodi on your iPhone using TweakBox App

Tweak Box is a wonderful tool to download numerous apps that are unavailable on the Apple store. Even you might get many paid apps that are completely free in Tweak Box. This excellent 3rd party app installer can be used to install Kodi on your favourite iPhone. Follow the below instructions to download Tweak Box and install Kodi on your iPhone:

1) Open Safari browser on your iPhone and go to

2) Click on the ‘DOWNLOAD APP’ button to download Tweak Box app.

3) An Install Profile will now be shown in your settings. Select the ‘Install’ button from your top right and install again when prompted to get the app, Now app would reflect on your home screen.

4) Now go to ‘APPS’ from the right of the screen after launching the app and choose ‘Tweak box Apps’ from the categories.

5) Go to the search bar and find Kodi from the there, Select Kodi and install the app.

6) Before opening the app, you need to go to Settings >> General >> Profile and Devices Management, find some texts like below screen in the ‘ENTERPRISE APP’. Click on the text to proceed.

7) Now, click on the ‘Trust’ button on your text that you will find on your iPhone and click on ‘Trust’ again when it appears.

8) Now KODI app is installed in your Phone.                 


Once you have the Kodi app downloaded, you can start adding your own add-ons to customize your Kodi experience. If you know what add-on you want, you can browse from Kodi’s own list of add-ons.

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