How To Get iMessage On PC – Beginner’s Ultimate Guide

iMessage is Apple’s very popular messaging app. It provides the best messaging service using cellular data or wi-fi. iMessage app is released in 2011 with iOS5. This app is available only for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac. Therefore messages can be sent through iMessage from one Apple device to another Apple device only. Normal text messages use the cellular connection for data transfer whereas iMessage transfers data using the internet.

People wish to use iMessage on their PC as they can continue chatting while working on PC and sometimes small screen of mobile phones makes uncomfortable to use. Those who have Mac OS computer can directly install the iMessage app on their PC. But for Windows OS users, iMessage is not available officially. But there are few techniques to use the iMessage app on Windows PC. Let’s look into three different methods of installing iMessage on Windows PC.


Methods to use iMessage on Windows PC

Method 1: Installation using Emulators

An emulator is a tool which enables one operating system to behave like another operating system. There are many emulators available for windows users. iPadian and Bluestacks are two best emulators available. Let’s explore how to install iMessage using these two emulators.

  • Installation using iPadian (for Windows 7,8,10):  iPadian is highly recommended for iMessage installation because of its more compact size which is better for hard drive storage, increased stability and it is very safe to use on Windows platform. Follow the steps given below to install iMessage using iPadian.

Step 1: Download iPadian from its official website and install on your PC.  After installation, run iPadian iOS emulator.

Step 2: Now PC will look like Mac OS. Click on the search button and search for “iMessage” app and follow the simple instructions to install iMessage.

Step 3:  After installation completes, launch the iMessage app and log in using Apple ID and password. Now enjoy iMessaging!

Note that every time, the user must run iPadian emulator first and then open iMessage app.

  • Installation using BlueStacks emulator: BlueStacks is second-best emulator to download and install iMessage for Windows PC. This is a very simple method and here are the steps to follow :

Step 1: Download BlueStacks emulator setup file from the official website and run the file. Then follow the simple instructions on the screen to install BlueStacks on your PC.

Step 2: After installation run BlueStacks emulator and search iMessage app and click download. Now the app will get the download on BlueStacks emulator. Then install the app.

Step 3:  After installation, launch iMessage app and log in using Apple ID and password.

iMessage app is now ready for use!

Method 2:  Chrome Remote Desktop method

This method requires a Mac with an active iMessage app because here the user is going to remotely access the Mac PC from another windows PC. Therefore this method is a little complicated. Here are steps to use iMessage on Windows PC using chrome remote access method :

Step 1:   Install Google Chrome on both PC’s ( Mac and Windows PC).

Step 2:   Now open Google chrome in both PC’s and go to the menu ( three vertical dots on top right corner) click on settings. Next click on  “ extensions”.  Now search “ chrome remote desktop” and install into both PCs.

Step 3: Go to Google Chrome in Mac PC and download “ chrome remote desktop host installer”. Now you can find Host installer file on Mac PC hard drive. Run this file and follow the on-screen instructions to install. You may need to enter Apple user ID to complete the installation.

Step 4:  After installation completes, launch “ Chrome remote desktop extension” and now it will generate a 12- digit code and you need to note down this code.

Step 5:  Run “chrome remote desktop” on Windows PC and provide Mac generated              

12-digit code when it asks to enter the code.   Now you will get remote access to   Mac PC. You can start iMessaging on Windows PC.

Method 3.  Using Jailbroken iPhone   

Jailbreaking an Apple device means crossing the restrictions that are officially imposed on it by Apple. Once the jailbreak is done, the user will get root access to their device. But this method is not safe because jailbreaking automatically voids device warranty and any additional Applecare warranty.

Step 1: Download jailbreak software on Windows PC and install. Once the device is jailbroken, the user will get access to “Cydia” app. If the app is not there, the user must download and install this app.

Step 2:  Now run Cydia app and search “ Remote messages” app and download this app( Remote message app is not free. User need to pay around 3.99$).

Step 3: After installation goes to Cydia app settings and click on “Remote messages”.Now you have to do small set up by creating user name and password.

Step 4: Now you will get an IP address from the app.

Step 5: Connect Windows PC and Apple device on same wi-fi. Now open a web browser on Windows PC and get full access to iMessage app using the IP address.

This is how Windows PC users can enjoy iMessaging on their PC.

iMessage app has some outstanding features on PC. Now, let’ look into that!

  Features of iMessage on Windows PC

  • iMessage is completely free of cost if you have a good internet connection it works best. User can send unlimited messages through this app.
  • iMessage allows sending images, documents, audio files and video files.
  • User can send any website links through iMessage. When user paste link in iMessage it will show up preview image and website name. While sending Youtube links through iMessage, the receiver can watch the video without navigating to Youtube.
  • A “ drawing keyboard” is available in iMessage. You can draw whatever they want using some drawing tools available and send a message.
  • When people get bored they can play some flash games available in iMessage for PC.
  • There are plenty of stickers available in iMessage. When sending text message becomes bored, user can send these stickers. And much more stickers are available for download. User can download these stickers and send them to express their feelings without any text!
  • Another incredible feature available is “animations”. People find this very interesting and entertaining.
  • Similar to WhatsApp, the user can see whether the user at other end is typing or not! And the group chat feature is also available in iMessage.

These incredible features of iMessage made it very popular worldwide. Since Apple has its ownership on the iMessage app, other users find difficult to use. However, Windows PC users can try methods described in this article and use iMessage on their PC. Happy iMessaging for Windows PC users!!!