How to fix provision.cpp:138 maxQuantity error in Cydia Impactor

In the previous articles, we have talked about the much used Cydia Impactor. The application is of many advantages to the iOS users who wish to install a number of third-party applications on their device.

This application program will help the users to download the third-party application by the process called sideloading. What happens in the process is that it helps you to download third-party applications in the form of IPA files. Downloading these IPA files is called sideloading.


The next important consideration for this application is that you need to have an Apple account that is quite necessary for filling in the required details.

In this particular article, we will be discussing the cpp: 138 maxQuantity error.

Cause for the error

The error cpp:138 maxQuantity error usually pops up when you are probably signing in for an IPA file. This usually does not allow you to complete the signing process.

Many users have tried creating or changing their apple account to proceed with the process but they have failed in it.

The other methods that have been tried to resolve the error are:

  • Number 1: Creating a new Apple account
  • Number 2: Deleting the  sideloaded applications
  • Number 3: Revoke the certificates
  • Number 4: Downloading IPA file from another source.

Many people have tried out the above steps to deal with the errors but have not been successful though.

There are some technical ways and methods that we can use.

Methods to solve the error

In this section we will be discussing the error and how can we fix this error by using easy and valid methods. So let us go ahead. In this article, we will be discussing 3-4 fixes that we can use for this error.

Fix 1: Using another installer

You can prefer to use any other third party installer other than the Cydia impactor such as the tutu app that can be of much better use to you than the Cydia impactor.

The application might consist of some pirated applications and games but it still will be if good use to you.

There are a number of installers you can try out. These are:

Currently most of the users have been using the Electra jailbreak. So as soon as you switch to another application you need to put it to jailbreak.

Also, these would only work as long as your Apple certificates will work. After the renew dates these applications would stop working.

Fix 2: Update

You won’t face this error on your device if you update the version of Cydia you are using. But unfortunately, you cannot always find an update. You need to wait for Saurik to update it. Since it is not an open application it can only be updated by Saurik.

So you need to be updated when the update is there and you use the latest version.

Fix 3: Extender fix

In this method, you need to look out for the extender update. This is found to have solved the issue for most of the users immediately. It’s probably found that most of the users find any easy way out for every error or problem. Updating is the simplest way that you can try.

The extender has been updated just quite a time ago so it’s the latest version you will be using if you opt for it. You just need to uninstall and reload the application through the extender. It makes your work easier and the error that we have been talking about is solved too easily.

The article above mentioned you three easy ways that you can try out easily anytime and help yourself out to get rid of the error cpp:138. The errors are created by the Cydia itself due to some faults or some conditions that are not being fulfilled. The current error was occurred during the sign in.

Make sure you proceed with every step accurately.