How to Find Hidden Messages on iPhone

Today privacy is very important for everyone and everyone wishes to protect the messages and their photos from others. For this, we have a number of options available and you can use them easily o your ios devices.

Today it has become very important to protect your information and messages. The personal information could include anything that is photos, messages and videos. Although you can secure anything but it is very important that you keep your messages secure as they contain a lot of information. That is the reason people always want to hide their messages from others. And it is necessary that you keep your information private and under wraps.

Now you can hide the messages, but sometimes it happens that you are not able to find where you have hidden those messages, you ought to know where they are hidden only then the hiding will be beneficial for you.

Ways to Find Hidden Messages on iPhone

Ways to Find Hidden Messages on iPhone

In this section, we will be discussing the way through which you can know where the messages are hidden and where you can find them. Now when you are finding ways to locate the hidden messages, there are two aspects:

  • Finding hidden messages.
  • Finding hidden messages on Facebook.

We will discuss both the ways one by one.

Part 1: Finding a Hidden Text Message

On your iOS device that is your iPhone, you can hide messages by two ways that are by hiding the alerts or the notifications or you can directly dismiss receiving messages. Or the other thing you can do is that you can remove the contact of the sender whose messages you want to hide and the sender will become unknown and you will not receive any alerts.

These operations might not help you to hide the messages and will appear in the messaging app. So if you are willing to hide the messages then you just need to get access to your iPhone and then you’ll e able to do so. Now, if you want to see the hidden messages, for that, go to the unknown sender’s list and there you’ll be able to see them.


Part 2: Finding Hidden Facebook Messages  

Now a lot of users are willing to know how they can see the hidden messages of Facebook. Now the messages from strangers will be hidden but they might be important to you. So let us see the process by which you will know how to check the messages.

  • Go to the messenger app.
  • Here you need to click on the ‘me’ icon.
  • Click on people and then on message requests.
  • Now you will see the unread requests.
  • You will also find the filtered requests. You need to click on it.
  • Now click on the message and move it your inbox then you will e able to see it.


That’s all that you need about the hidden messages on your iOS device. By using this you will be able to see the important messages.