How to Download Kik for PC

Messengers are for virtual communications, is an old-school belief. We need messengers for their tones of features, which include video calling, data transfer and many more.

This new age messenger called Kik has gained popularity due to some extra-ordinary features, and you can just chill with your friends and contacts after downloading it to your PC.


Now why this has become so famous, let’s probe into it:

Why you need Kik

  • Kik does not ask for your mobile number. You can just create an account with any username and chat with people through your account signed from any device, tablet, mobile phone or PC.
  • This app actually is concerned about your privacy, you do not have to disclose your identity and share your personal information while creating an account or chatting with strangers.
  • You can change your username and create a new account anytime. As it is not connected to your contact number or mail id, creating a new account will be easier and unlimited.
  • You can share messages, files or anything you wish via Kik, and for that, you do not need to close the app and open other windows. It comes complete with its contact list, video chat and file share options.
  • You can click and open the browsers inside this app, as no dedicated browser app is required when you install Kik in your PC. It has a built-in web browser.
  • The user interface is quite simple, and you can easily operate it without checking any tutorial video to “how to” blog.
  • You can safely retrieve your old chats with any and every contact you need. This app has a “history” feature which enables you to retrieve your important messages. With the “history” option, you can even retrieve the old chats which are not anymore shown in the chat window.
  • This app lets you chat continuously. You can start chatting from the exact point where you have left the last time.
  • Customisation is a very unique feature of Kik. It lets you select the theme while chatting through Kik messenger and thus create a suitable atmosphere for you. Also, it enables you to select different notification tone for different contacts, thus you can decide to prioritise the favoured ones by the tones and promptly pick up their calls.

These are a few reasons why you need Kik in your pc, now let’s get started with the processes:

There are two ways of downloading Kik on your PC.

Method 1: Android emulator

By using this you can enjoy the complete Android OS interface for Kik on your PC. Other than Kik, other plenty of apps can be run on PC using this emulator. The prior thing is you do not need an internet connection for the emulator, though using Kik will need an internet connection. It is better than online emulators as it is originally connected to the Android library.


  • You have to download any Android emulator of your choice. It will help you to run any Android app on your PC.
  • You can now run the Kik app in your PC.
  • Bluestack, Genymotion and Android are some of the famous emulators which work fast on your PC and you can run Kik messenger with their help.

How to download the emulator:

  • Download the file of your chosen emulator
  • When the downloading is complete, open the folder.
  • Run the .exe file by double-clicking on it.
  • The message boxes will appear via installation wizard which will take you through the process.
  • Finish the process by following the instructions.

Now you can follow the below steps to check the emulator you have downloaded.

  • Check the icon of the emulator on your desktop.
  • Double click on the icon to open the programme.
  • Give it some time and the programme will load.
  • Now the Android emulator will run on your PC.

By now you have downloaded the Kik apk file on your PC, you can follow the below steps to run Kik by the emulator.

  • After locating the Kik.apk from your pc file manager, you will see a logo of the downloaded emulator on it.
  • You can now double click on the file.
  • Give it a few seconds.
  • The emulator will start working and Kik messenger will run.

If you have downloaded two emulators instead of one, you can right-click on the .apk file and select “open with” option and here you will select the programme you need your messenger to run with.

If you are choosing online emulator over Android emulator, then you can use an online emulator for the same purpose. If you do not have the privilege to administer the computer or have a limited bandwidth problem, you can opt for this process.

Check the process:

  • You do not have to download or install it on your PC as it will work online.
  • It will enable you to run many more android apps on your PC.
  • The process is quite simple, just open any browser and start using Kik messenger.