How to Download iMessage for Android

iMessages may not be a new term for the apple users out there. It is a messaging app that is installed in the Apple devices. The iMessaging is really interesting and fun with stickers but a few which we use in our daily chats. We all know that this application is available for Android devices, but it would be really good if it is available on Android devices as well.


One of the differences between Android and iPhone is that we cannot use the iMessaging app. So, if you want to enjoy the fun and enhance your communication you can install the iMessaging app from the store. Before knowing how to use the iMessaging app on Android let us know why iMessages cannot be used normally on Android devices.

Reasons why iMessaage Cannot be Used Normally on Android

The application of iMessages cannot be used on android devices normally because of the reason that the apple software uses a special kind of encryption system due to which the messages that you send are completely secure through the servers of apple and the devices which are receiving them.

Now due to encryption, the iMessages can only be used on the devices which are able to decrypt the messages. The apple software runs its exclusive feature only on ios and mac devices so in order to take advantage of this app you have a weMessage program that helps you have control over iMessages. Now you must know how to use a weMessage app.

How to Use WeMessage App

To know how to use the app you need to have the following:

  1. You must have an iMessage account that might be running currently on your Apple device.
  2. To run the weMessage program you also need we Messaging running on your Mac device.
  3. Also, it requires java of 7 or more installed on your Mac device.
  4. You also need an android phone on which you need to install the iMessages.
  5. And lastly, you need the weMessaging app to be downloaded on your android device.

Now after knowing how to use the weMessage app you need the knowledge of how this app helps you to use the iMessages on your android.

iMessages on Android with WeMessages

The iMessaging is mainly for the ios and the mac devices. But the weMessaging app lets you receive iMessages on your android device with the compatibility of your Mac device. Your mac device plays a very important role here. What happens actually is that your messages are transferred to weMessage from the iMessages running on your mac.

Now let us know the steps of how to install the weMessage on your Android in order to use iMessage.

Steps to Install WeMessage on your Android Device:

The weMessage is a completely secure app to use. It helps you receive iMessages on your android device.

To install weMessage you need to follow the following:

  1. Firstly you need to have Java software on your Mac device. To check this you need to go to applications, here click on utilities and launch the terminal app. now search java here.
  2. If there is an error it indicates that there is no java present and if there is no error you have it on your device, java must be of the latest version.
  3. Now your next step is to download the weMessage.
  4. Now open the weMessage folder and click on run and launch the program.
  5. After installing it you need to enable its accessibility with the mac device. Now for doing this, you need to turn the accessibility on in the privacy settings.
  6. Now you need to enter the email you used for your iMessaging account and enter any new password.

For Android, you need to just go the play store, download and launch the app. Now in order to make your weMessage compatible with android enter the IP address of your mac. You need to enter your iMessage email address and a password and sign in your account.

You are done. Your iMessages will be run on android safely.