How to change Root Password of iPhone After Electra Jailbreak

You are advised to change the default root password if you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad to dissuade somebody with nefarious intent from accessing your device. By default, every iPhone or iPad root password is ‘alpine’ and it is important that you change your root password to something distinctive if you really want to keep your device secure.

You remember a terminal known as Mobile Terminal that enables you to implement commands on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad if you are a long time jailbreak user. The package has not been updated yet, unfortunately, to support iOS 8.


However, there’s a further decent alternative to mobile terminal, known by the developer from Lordscośland, MTerminal, which is a streamlined, lightweight MobileTerminal that includes support for iOS 8 and support gestures to make your life easier.

But first let us understand what jailbreaking really is

Many console makers for smartphones, tablets and games include on their products a layer of Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. This DRM is available either to restrict the software that you can run on it, or for security reasons. Jailbreaking is the method by which these devices are hacked to bypass DRM restrictions, enabling you to run “unauthorized” software and render other tweaks to your OS.

How to change the root password:

  • Install Mobile Terminal.
  • Launch Cydia.
  • Click on the Search tab to find MTerminal Tap on MTerminal from.
  • Tap Install, followed by Confirm having installed MTerminal on your device.  

Change root password

  • Launch the MTerminal application from Home Screen to change root password.
  • At the prompt, type su root and tap back key.
  • The password will be input, you will type alpine in and you will click on  the return key.
  • Type Password The new password is required, a new password is entered, and the return key is clicked.
  • The new password will be entered and the return key will be pressed again. (Note that, because of security reasons, your key presses are not shown on the terminal screen)

Change mobile user password

  • You must also change the password of a mobile user that is the user account on your device.
  • Enter the mobile password and click the back key.
  • The new password is requested from you.
  • Tap the return key and enter the alpine key.
  • The new password will be re-entered, alpine reentered and the return key will be tapped again.
  • Once done, you should now switch your old root and mobile passwords into a new password.
  • Alternatively, you can change the password through OpenSSH, but I prefer this method because a computer is not necessary.

Change root Password using MAC

  • First, go to your iDevice settings and wireless internet access settings.
  • Click the blue icon beside the Wi-Fi network you are linked to.
  • Write anywhere the address of the IP.
Wi-Fi Network IP Address
  • Turn on your open terminal application Mac via Spotlight or head to /Applications / Utilities. Now turn on your open terminal app.
  • On your Mac, the terminal prompt opens.
  •  Please add this command to [email protected]<IP Address> and press Enter.
  • To establish a connection, you will be asked to confirm. Write “Yes” and press Enter. Next, write the root password “alpine.”
  • Click the Enter button. You now need to link your iPhone to the Mac and alter the terminal prompt to root.
  • To substitute the default password in the prompt with a new one, type Passwd and hit the Enter key.
  • Next, as a new password, you’ll be prompted to write a new Type and press enter.
  •  You must type the same in the next line.
  • Press Enter.

Now you’re going to get a message about changing the password successfully. Your device is now secure. It protects your iDevice and will not root hackers.