How to Activate Siri on iPhone X | Use Siri on Latest iPhone

Apple has launched its latest and vibrant iPhone X which is loaded with tons of different and new features. One of the features which remain the same is Siri. Siri is the virtual assistant exclusive to Apple’s operating system which does all the task in your phone or device on simple voice commands.

It does lots of tasks such as, if you want to know about the weather, it will do it for you with just a command. Whether it is setting alarms, or making a schedule on a calendar, making calls to your friends, family or colleagues or playing music, it does all of them. All you have to do is just say Hey Siri <your command> and it does all your phone work in no time.


It truly made all our lives hassle-free and easy. Instead of typing or doing things manually, everything can now happen with just a voice note, and nothing else. This is what Artificial Intelligence is and how smoothly and efficiently, our work can be done.

Activate Siri on iPhone X

Now, the main query arises regarding how to access Siri on iPhone X, as you all have been accustomed by pressing home button to activate the Siri, but the new iPhone X has new feature to activate Siri as it does not have home button. So, to know how to access Siri on iPhone X have a look as we have couple of solutions for you.

Using Power Button

To access Siri, Press the Power Button which is given on the side of the phone. By pressing it and holding it till it shows “How can I help you?” message, you can activate Siri. Once you see the Siri Listening indicator at the bottom of the screen, you may release the power button. Lastly, now you can give voice commands to Siri and ask for any of the work or tasks of your choice to get done.

Using “Hey Siri” Voice Commands

There is another alternate method to access Siri, in which you it would not be required to press any of the keys or buttons on your iPhone every time you want to use Siri. All you have to do is to make one-time customizable permanent setting in your phone and then to access Siri you just have to say “Hey Siri” on your iOS device, to enable it, every time you want to use it. Then command it with the task of your choice.

To make the changes in the setting, firstly go to the Setting and find Siri & Search option. From there enable Listen for Hey Siri among the options given.

Now once it has enabled and it gets configured with the voice, you may use it whenever you want, except when your phone is on low battery mode or the screen is off. All you have to do is simply say Hey Siri, a Siri listening indicator will pop up on the bottom of your phone’s screen now you can use it by giving further commands of your choice.