Houdini Semi Jailbreak for iOS 12 [iPhone/iPad]

The Houdini is a new release in the market. It generally helps you to install and download certain apps, themes and the jailbreak functions to your device. You can download and install such applications on the iPhone and iPad as per the availability.

This Houdini app us not similar to other jailbreak applications. It is different from the other applications. This application does not install the Cydia application on your device. It will download you the app manager that the app has of its own.


Houdini App for iOS /iOS 12.12

In this section, we will be knowing how can we install the Houdini application for our iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPads. We will also be knowing the compatibility of this application and also the features and the steps that you can use and go through as a guide to install it.

Before we proceed with the features let us know about how we use this application with the iOS system of 12.12. This is made possible by upgrading the Houdini tool. This original version was modified in order to use it as a jailbreak device for iOS systems.

Compatibility of the Houdini app:

The app is compatible with the iOS devices. These iOS systems may vary from iOS 12.12 to 12.

Now let us proceed to the next section. Here we will be knowing about how do we download the Houdini application for the iOS devices.


In this section we will be knowing about how can we download and what is the process involved in downloading the Houdini X application on our device.

For know there only certain methods developed to download this application. You can download Houdini X for your devices which operate on the iOS systems or higher versions.

Go ahead reading the article and you will be knowing more about on how you can download this application on your device.

Step 1: Your first step would be to download two things. One you need to download the Houdini X and the other to download the Cydia Impactor.

Step 2: Now you need to open the Cydia Impactor. When you open it you need to drag the Houdini application to the impactor.

Step 3: The next step would be to enter the details of the account. That is you need to fill in your apple id and the password too. When you do so tap on continue to proceed with the further steps.

Step 4: For this jailbreak purpose it is recommended and preferred if you would create a new apple account.

Step 5: After you do the above steps completely the application will be available on your device home screen.

Step 6: Before you launch the application that you have downloaded, you need to perform an important step. You need to go to the settings menu. In the settings menu you need to go to profile option and device management settings.

Here you will find an option of developers profile. You need to trust this profile. When you do so only then you will be able to download the applications and content from third party sources or from unknown sources.

Step 7: Now when you have successfully installed the application on your device. Now you can easily download the themes of jailbreak for your device.


In this section, we will be discussing the steps that you need to follow to download the Houdini X application for an iOS device with system 11.31 or up to 10.

Step 1: You need to search for this semi jailbreak application on the Silzee website.

Step 2: Search for the application here. Now you need to tap on the get button. You will be able to get the application then.

Step 3: Next step is optional. You can enter the details of your device if you wish to. You need to enter the apple id and the password too.

Step 4: After you do so the application will be downloaded on the home screen of your device.

Step 4: Before proceeding further you need to trust the developers through the settings menu. Otherwise you wont be able to download the application.

Step 5: The next step is to launch the application on your device and go ahead in jailbreaking.