How to hide incoming calls and other notifications while using iPhone

Who do all like the iPhone? Majority of the population will raise their hand in unison giving opinions on how much an iPhone adds to their identity and dignity in the society. Yes, iPhone is considered something extremely big for a middle class to have till now and is considered as the status of an elite personality.

What makes it so important to the teens? What makes it so popular to date? What is the secret of the continuous launch of its series and fame of heights? Its difficult answering such questions together but iPhone is the most demanded phone even in today’s 2019.

hide incoming calls and other notifications on iPhone

iPhone a series of phones launched by the very famous and world leading company Apple. All the generations of Apple use the iOS mobile operating system which is specifically designed for it by the Apple. On 29th June 2007, the first-generation iPhone was released with new iOS multiple hardware iterations.

The iPhone can connect to Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks also is capable to take photos, shoot videos, play music, send and receive emails etc. People are crazy about iPhone and they often argue that once used an apple can never go back to the other because of various reasons but one among them which is way too common to be understood is the best camera feature available. 

Now, what if we add an inconvenience to all the features mentioned above? No one likes interruptions and it doesn’t matter where they come from, in life and even on your phone which is your basic part of lifestyle. The calls and notifications that emerges on your screen 24/7 at times is really annoying and so dealing with them is important.

And there are various ways to do it as if you owe an iPhone then the functions totally differs from that of a normal android as the operating system differs because of the presence of iOS operating system.

  • You can disable the upcoming notifications on your screen by going to settings and enabling the option of ‘Do not Disturb’ with the ‘Always’ ticked.
  • Usually, a dialogue box will appear with the names of all the applications on your phone so that you can tick them according to your own wish as maybe you want your messages notifications but not the Instagram and Snapchat ones.
  • It is a good way to handle your time as when you won’t hear the notification tone every other second you will not be attracted to your phone on an ample of times.
  • Another good option to disable the call notification is to make sure that you go to the ‘Allow Calls’ from everyone to no one. That means then no one will call you or interrupt you while you are busy on uploading stories on Snapchat or while playing PUBG which can save you from many unwanted calls.
  • But you can set it to ‘Favourites’ as well and add your contacts so when they call you are available to them and for any emergency phone calls you can turn on the ‘Repeated calls’ option.

There is always in every phone an option to disable all notifications and calls which is the flight mode as it takes your phone away from network region so no one can disturb your activity. It really works in almost all android and apple devices or the other option you can use is by turning off your phone when needed.