Guest Mode for iOS 13

iPhone is a private thing and no one wants to show off the data and thousands of other things to others that are confidential. When we are in the workplace or in a friends’ party, there are times we need to hand-over the phone to our colleagues or friends for some emergency purpose. Does that mean that the other person can peep into our personal lives and information? To prevent this, you need some help. However, like Mac or Windows PC you cannot enable a guest mode in iOS or android mobiles to safeguard the security.

To do this, you need to jailbreak your iOS device. Only a jailbroken and rooted device can enable you to get multiple guest modes through guest accounts on the iPhone. While the guest mode will be on, your phone will not be giving away the secret information to anyone.


Guest User Mode on iOS 13

To enable this feature you need to create a partial firmware set up which will be cloning the original one. The data you put into it will be selected by you. There are apps through which you can let it happen and thus protect your iPhone from intruders.

LenyMyPhone 3:


LenyMyPhone 3 is one such app that allows the guest mode on in your iOS device. This app actually creates limitations for little functionality. Some features like app switching, notifications coming to the phone, spotlight etc. will be blocked for the guest user. A passcode can be set by the administrator or owner for the users. Unless you unlock the phone with that passcode, it will not let the particularly secluded apps work on the mobile.

The control centre comes within this app with a powerful toggling list. You can kill the previously used apps from the app switcher and edit the layout of the home screen to hide the app icons. The private notifications can be opened from notification centre. Also you can search the device’s name through Spotlight search. The profile picture, account name and unique passcode will be configured by this app.

It can create separate users for your phone, as we have already mentioned. The guest users can use messages, Safari and phone if they wish to. These apps will be free from the guard. Your messages can be read by the guest and the contacts will be seen to them as well. Also, surfing history in Safari will be visible to them. But no separate app data will be created for each individual guest user. Your camera can also be accessed, as well as the clicked photos. The photos app can keep hidden but not actually disabled. Only the home screen will not show these apps on the face.