How to Download Freedom app for iOS

The Google play store is flooded with various apps and every day the number is increasing. Some apps are for entertainment, some are gaming apps and others are news or any other activity related. Most apps have some basic features and they charge a subscription to unlock the premium features. A person can have an interest in different subjects like cricket, music, gaming and news, so does that mean he has to pay for multiple subscriptions?


Why Freedom app?

Well, technically yes, but there is another way too. The way is called Freedom apk. This is an apk which enables you to unlock the special features that only a subscribed user can see and use. But you do not have to pay for the subscription.

How it works

Freedom app works like a hacking tool which enables you to unlock the premium features of a gaming or other app. It can manipulate the credit checking system of the app of Google play, and through the details of a fake credit card, it unlocks the premium features. The play store is thus convinced that the actual amount has been paid.

Where to find?

As it is obvious by now, this is not a legal app and cannot be found in the Google play store. But that does not mean that it is risky. One can use it freely, as there are thousands of users using it regularly. You can just download the Freedom apk file from any source available and install it.

What is needed to use this app?

Root access is required by the Freedom app to run, so make sure that your android device is rooted. A rooted device works way better than a default configured device. So if you are not sure of how to root, check any online tutorial for rooting your device.

Freedom app is suitable for iOS 12, and the latest version is supported by Android Marshmallow and Noughat as well.

How to Install Freedom apk

  • Make sure that your device is rooted, and you are good to go.
  • Download the Freedom apk file or installation file to your device. If you are concerned about the security system of your android device, download it on your computer or laptop, and then transfer it to your mobile phone.
  • After completion of the installation, you need to check the settings of your phone. You have to click allow installation from unknown sources which normally remains blocked by the phone security. This step will allow you to install apk files which are not sourced from the Google play store.
  • Check the location of the apk file you just downloaded from the file manager of your phone.
  • Click to open the apk file and you will see a message which will inquire about the root access of the phone. Click “ok” for all options.
  • Freedom apk will be installed on your phone now.

How you can use Freedom apk to unlock premium features of any app?

  • Click to open Freedom app
  • Click “Grant” or “allow” for the root access permissions.
  • Now you can choose from the list of apps that are previously installed on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the app of which you want to use the premium features.
  • Wait for a few seconds before the app is opened.
  • Now you can go to the store to purchase the premium membership or subscription.
  • Click on the “buy” button for the in-app purchase.

What to remember before using Freedom apk?

In case you have purchased in-app through Google play store, before using Freedom apk, it is advised to remove the credit card or debit card details before installing this apk. This is a precaution measure which should be followed by the users, but not meant to be a warning. Thousands of users are regularly using this app, so your experience will be hassle-free too.