How-to-Fix TutuApp Unable to Download

This app is essentially a way to download various Android apps from the Google Play Store in China. It became popular in other parts of the world following the launch of Pokemon Go. This is mainly because it can download Pokemon Go’s modified APK, which allows you to move around the globe without moving from your location.

This is the best app store for Android as well as iOS devices. Yes, you can download many games or apps from Google Play or Apple Store. However, many of them have nervous ads which pop up when you take action, while you simply want to play a game. And some games are not free and require that you pay for them or any additional items that a game has. Sometimes that could lead to bad user experience and when the gameplay is disrupted by such small things, many players do not like it.


There’s nothing in the Tutu App. Games can be downloaded entirely free. If you have a game download from the App Store you will have to pay for everything. This is the best thing for any user who downloads the app today by TutuApp.

How to download and install TutuApp It’s time to download it, right after you know so many great things about the app? TutuApp is available on smartphones and iPhones, and their installation instructions are somewhat different. 

Their installation instructions.

  • You have to download the APK file to install TutuApp on Android.
  • Tap on it and your Android phone installation wizard will unpack it.

Today, during the download of this app or other apps, we will discuss the problem facing many of our users. We also had this experience. We have therefore investigated and found a solution. This is the solution to your problem.

There are some corrections you can try for this problem.

  • Go to Settings on your phone, regardless of Android or Android. Clear app data and Force stop
  • Find the complete list of apps in the settings menu that was downloaded/installed.
  • Search for the settings of the tutu app.
  • To clear the application data, press “Clear Data” and tap “Force Stop.”
  • This would solve your problem. Try the following method if this method does not work.

Delete app: 

  • You can try uninstalling the application if the error “Couldn’t be downloaded at that time.” Afterward, re-install. 
  • Try to open the app; all the apps for you are now downloaded. 
  • Probably that will solve your problem. 
  • Try the following method if this method does not work.

Try fixing manually:

  • If the “not installed error” error, go to your phone settings and see “Reset Network Settings.” For both Android and iOS this option is available.
  • As you tap’ Reset Network Settings,’ a resetting option will be displayed. Your device will restart as soon as you click Confirm.
  • When the device is restarted, you will be asked to configure Wi-Fi and default all settings.
  • If you have saved certain settings for your device, you must set it up again since all the settings are set to standard. your device will be like a new device.

Why should I see that TutuApp App doesn’t work?

TutuApp is an app that is very helpful for you, but recently a lot of users have problems downloading Premium apps. You can not download and be very deceiving the app that you pay for. If you want to download your premium app from Google Play Store, you need to buy it, while TutuApp can circumvent it.

And now that people download and upgrade their apps with the TutuApp, it’s obvious that they’ve changed their security system to block external access to circumvent app-in-commerce.