How to Fix Random Reboots & Freeze on Unc0ver Jailbreak

In the last article, we have discussed the Electra jailbreak and its importance for your iOS device. Apart from its advantages, it has a lot more disadvantages due to which you need to switch to other alternatives.

By alternatives we are referring to the applications or programs that are better than the Electra jailbreak and which can overcome the faults that are present in this.

It was found that the problems that were found in the Electra jailbreak were recovered by this new application called Unc0ver Jailbreak.


The Unc0ver jailbreak was introduced by the developers to meet the requirements of the users that were not fulfilled by the Electra jailbreak.

But in the recent times it was found that there were some issues that are reported by the users by using the uncover jailbreak. They have reported issues related to random freezes or random reboots.

To fix these issues you require some knowledge. This knowledge and information will be provided to you in this article. Do read the article ahead it will help you to know about the steps by which you can fix these.

Why Random Reboots Occur

In this section, we will be seeing what could have caused these random reboots to occur.

There can be a number of causes for your jailbroken device not working properly. But the one most common and sure reason could the presence of a daemon. This daemon hampers your device’s flexibility. Your device shows some issues of random reboot. These reboots are not a good sign for your device.

So you ought to have an option or an alternative to remove this.

The developers have created such tweaks that might help you to solve your issues. There is one such tweak too for solving the random reboot issue. You need to install this on your iOS device. The device can be your iPad or an iPhone.

Cause for Issues

There is certain search work that has been done on these issues. Working on these issues we have found that thee cause for such problems is a daemon named videosubscriptioned daemon.

The version of this uncover jailbreak of RC5 has been successful in solving these issues. But the problem was not solved completely. So to solve it permanently you need to follow certain set of steps that will help you to do so.

Process of Solving Random Reboots and Freezes

The simplest thing that you can do to solve this can be to permanently delete the video subscription daemon. Developers have created a tweak. This tweak consists of many things. You can uninstall the daemon by this tweak any time. This tweak will work on your device until it is jailbroken.

So if you want to get rid of the issues to your uncover jailbreak you need to download the tweak. It will erase these random reboots and freezes from your device.

Fix Random Reboots Issues

Follow some steps that are mentioned below. These will help you to get rid of these issues easily.

Step 1: You need to have cydia installed on your device. If not installed install it. Now launch this application on your device.

Step 2: Now you need to go to the tab saying sources. Open this tab and click on edit.

Step 3: After clicking on edit you need to copy the link of the repository

Step 4: After you have filled in the link you need to search it. When your search results are displayed you now need to search the unload vsd.

Step 5: Now wait for this search to complete. When it is completed then install the package that will displayed to you.

This will possibly be helpful in solving your situation. Now let us take you to some freezing solutions.

Fix Freezing Issues

When you launch your Cydia you might have faced the problem of freezing. We have some solutions to this problem of yours.

Cydia is a refreshing source but sometimes it just freezes up. So for this problem what you can do is just refresh it back. May be it helps in solving the freezing issues.

The above were some causes for the issues of unc0ver jailbreak and some solutions to solve these. Do try these out.