Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error on Android and iOS Devices

Why PUBG is a question that’s being asked around a lot these days. Parents are asking it, teachers are asking it, even government officials seem to be grappling with it. Recently a mother complained to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that her son seemed to be playing too much of the game. So before diving into our article let us look at a few reasons why PUBG is so popular.

To increase players stakes and to create an adrenaline rush that makes every round more exciting than the last, the PUBG relies on realism and control. When I run from a player in the game or hide behind a cover, my heart begins to beat faster and my shoulders become tense like the threat is genuine. The rush makes me a better player, making this game more fun. You will probably also like PUBG if you are like me and experience your blood pumping — think horror movies and roller coasters.


The realism of the game extends to its fighting and its portrayal of various arms fire. As in real lives, the weapon-specific recoil forces the shooter to adjust its objective after every shot, and the reload speed varies considerably between weapons and is not instantaneous with the button. Moreover, since gunfights are much more likely to take place at PUBG, the characters are much more difficult to hit.

These difficult mechanics can be frustrating for beginners, but the system pays off players who think, strategize and anticipate next steps. You needn’t be the fastest or find the best weapons right away, so it’s hard to get around the game.

Since the game is so serious, the player gets unbridled joy even from the smallest moments of levity. For instance, a frying pan, which — contrary to most arms of the game— can kill an enemy by one blow into the head, is one of the melee arms played in PUBG maps. Of course, many hilarious YouTube videos have been inspired by this tactic.

There are also innumerable videos of players trying to make tricks when motorcycles drive away from ramp-shaped rocks. The occasional levity keeps players smiling while running through the game for their own lives, which, if you ask me, is quite an incredible feat.

But even PUBG has its disappointing moments, sometimes out of nowhere, you get an error message. Today we will tell you how to resolve this issue.

Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error

  • Steps 1: First of all, when the player tries to load and make network requests, you need to run the mobile PUBG game and be presented with the error message. This is where the problem begins and you will be thrown back to your device’s home screen as the game does not move forward.
  • Step 2: Installing a VPN on your device is the trick and an underlying solution. Tencent Games and partner publishers seem to check where to see if the user can actually access the information. If not, which means the user has probably downloaded the game from unlawful sources, it will fail. That is why you require a VPN to spoof the device.
  • Step 3: Once your VPN has been installed, you can pick up and download all of the data available and have access to a game successfully without any alleged network error messages, so you should be in a position to load and download the PUBG Mobile app.

As is always the case, it will always cause some problems that must be overcome to download and reach an application in a region where it is not specifically released. Fortunately, there is definitely a way if there is a will. Discover the marvellous royal battle.