How To Fix PUBG Mobile Crashing on iOS Devices [iPhone/iPad]

When we play any game on our device one issue always keeps irritating us. This issue deals with the crashing of the game. Any time you open the game you are facing the same issue. It really irritates a person and the interest in a game is lost. Sometimes you are like about to win a level or on the next level and the game crashes suddenly. It feels like the end of everything.

In this article, we will be discussing the problem and the issues related to this game PUBG mobile and the solutions that can be used to fix these issues.

pubg game

PUBG Mobile

As we are talking about the game PUBG, it is the game that has gained so much popularity in such a small span of time. The game earns millions and billions through this game only and the in-app purchases also help it earn more. The money that it earns is truly through the popularity and the excitement among the people to play the game.

Although it is a very common and interesting game still we find a number of defaults and problems in everything we use so is in this game. So we need to fix these issues that arise to make the working of the game smooth and exciting again.

You can fix the issues of PUBG mobile on any of the device by having the information regarding the same. What you need to do is just read the article below and you will be knowing how you can tackle through the issues.


In this section we will be discussing about how can we solve the issues regarding PUBG mobile and also how to solve the crashing and fix it.

  • According to the users it is found that the game crashes when the users try to play. Much of the responses against this issue were from those who have paid to play this game.
  • But the developers have developed ways and methods to fix these issues to maintain the following of the game and to prevent the dislikes.
  • If the developers would not have worked on the issues then the developers were to pay for the defaults of the game which would have cost them a lot.
  • What you need to do us go the app store on your device and update the PUBG Mobile game. You only need to search the game PUBG mobile on the app store. When the app appears on the screen click on the update option.
  • The update to your game will update the defaults and manage the bug fixes that are developed to your game.
  • It would only take a few minutes to update game. You need to wait until the game is updating.
  • Now after the update is complete open the app of the PUBG mobile again. Now wont be facing the issues you used to face earlier.


In this section we will be discussing about how to solve and fix the crashing issues on the login screen.

To know the solution to your problems go ahead and read the article that follows.

  • If we talk about the benefits of the game it not only does update and fixes the crashing issue for you. It also has a lot of advantages for your game. A number if other features are also updated and its performance is also developed to a better level.
  • With this developing strategy the developers of the PUBG mobile are accomplishing two targets with a single hit.
  • After the update of the PUBG mobile to the latest version, users have reported smooth working of the game. The issues are also fixed and the interest is back in game.
  • With the latest update and the issues being fixed the PUBG had gained its declining popularity back. There is decrease in number of issues that are regarding the working of the game since the issues are being fixed.
  • Also number of users have increased and will keep on increasing if it keeps on reigning the game world as it is now.

The developers have created a wonderful game. Do play the game and write your reviews too.