How to Fix lockdown.cpp:57 Error in Cydia Impactor

We have been downloading a number of third-party applications on our devices. And we are pretty sure that the download isn’t possible without the presence of Cydia impactor.

Cydia Impactor: The Cydia impactor is a very useful tool for the iOS devices. The Cydia impactor will help you to download the third party applications on your device easily in a few steps.

lockdowncpp57-cydia error

But to do so you need to fullfill certain conditions. These are:

  • Firstly you need a working apple account that you would require as you need to fill in the details of your Apple ID in the Cydia Impactor.
  • Next is that your Apple ID should not be fake otherwise its certificates will be cancelled after a week or so.
  • The third condition is that you require iTunes on your device for working Cydia Impactor.

Now let us know the causes for the faults and how to overcome them.

Causes for errors

Every device and every application is not sufficient in all aspects. At some point or the other, it will create some error that is to be fixed so that it is brought to work properly again.

Now the Cydia is an important tool for all the iOS users. Since without it you won’t be able to download your third part applications easily on your device.

The Cydia will present some errors to you. One of these error is lockdown cpp error 57. This error is mainly due to not working of the device. This error has various versions.


These are  some of the versions of the error.

Now let us know some of the measured by which we can solve this problem.


Some of the solutions that you can use for the current error are:

  • Use the cable that is original.
  • Make sure you have iTunes installed.
  • Try it with another operating system.
  • Trust your computer

Let us get into the details:

  • Trust: When you connect your iOS device with your computer this error may occur. This is because we do not keep so much attention to the trust step. We need to add our details of apple account and trust the computer. When we do so it works better.
  • Cable: As in there is no such issues related to the cable but still, you need to use the original cable that helps you prevent this error.
  • iTunes: One of the most important requirements for good working of Cydia is the setup of iTunes. This is required on your device to prevent this error.
  • Change operating system: Last option that you can try is to change the operating system. This application does not work easily on the 64-bit operating system. So try using another operating system if you want to avoid the error.

These were some choices of methods that you can use to avoid the errors on your device. Make sure you try these out.