Fix Cydia Impactor “http-win.cpp:160” Error

There are a number of programs and applications today. No program is available on our review that won’t offer a certain set of problems at a particular point of time. To these problems, developers have also found out the solution. We can easily find out a way to solve these.

Cydia impactor too offers various faults to users. One such fault is “http-win.cpp:160” error . But you don’t need to worry we have solutions to these too.

Before discussing about the error 160 let us know about the Cydia impactor in brief.

Cydia Impactor

We all have used Play Store to download numerous applications on our Android devices and also on our PC. We know that it is very easy to download these applications from the Play Store.

There are certain applications which you cannot easily download from Play Store or they are not available on the Play Store. In this condition, you need a third-party application to download such apps.

Many users have jailbroken their devices to install these third-party applications. Also, some users do not wish to jailbreak their device. These users can use Cydia impactor.


The Cydia Impactor is an application which helps the users to download any kind of application or program on their iOS devices. Cydia has various features which are very useful. But along with features, it has a lot of errors too which users face.

So to fix such errors which occur in the Cydia impactor we have developed fixes. You need to go through these fixes, follow the steps and your error is fixed. So let us proceed to the next section. Here we will be discussing the error 160 and fix it.


Cydia Impactor Erro - CPP 160

Many users are complaining about the http-win.cpp:160 error nowadays. Due to this error it has been found that the users are unable to download the IPA files by the Cydia. They are also not able to sideload the applications they want to.

It is also noticed that this problem has been frequently occurring on Windows devices. No Mac users have faced such issues yet. But it is a possibility if the problem is with the program they are also prone to this issue.

The problem is to be solved so that it is easy for the users to download the IPA files on their devices. To know how to tackle the error, proceed to the next section where we will be discussing the fix to this error.


In this section of the article, we go ahead in mentioning the fix that we can use for error 160.

It has been found that developers have not invented or developed too many fixes for this issue but one person has invested his time to develop a fix for it. He has created an update to the Cydia by creating a patched version of it that can be used by the users of Windows and Linux to resolve the issue.

If the issue still persists then uninstall the application and download it again on your device. It might help you solve your issues a bit. There are no such ways that can be tried to resolve the error. So the developer of this updates us in the eyes of developers to create more fixes.

The Cydia has created an issue for the iOS devices by not being able to load the IPA files. So a fix is needed urgently to resolve these issues.

The users should try out this update to update on your device if any problem persists while using it send your reviews on the application. The developers would then be able to find more ways out.