How to fix Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone/iPad Running on iOS 12

Your iOS 12 will be having hundreds of new features updated, but the Bluetooth and its connectivity issues are still a topic of concern. Many users have reported issues they have faced with the Bluetooth. The problems are minor but even a minor problem related to your device is a big issue. So here are some of the problems we usually find in the iOS 12

  • Unable to see the Bluetooth device.
  • Sound of crackling
  • Connectivity problems
  • When it comes to car Bluetooth, it gives a shuttering sound.

But before you take any measure you need to be sure that the problem is with your device and not the Bluetooth device you are connecting with. So, first ensure that you are solving your device problem of Bluetooth connectivity.

You can do this by connecting your device with any other device such as your Mac to check its working. So to tackle with the issues read the below article that will help you get over with your issues and you will surely find a solution. You need to just follow the steps and your updated version of iOS device will work as you wish it to work.

Fixing Issues on iOS 12:

If you are sure that the problem is with your iOS device then go ahead reading the article to get some solutions to it.

Method 1: Reboot

The very first solution that you can try is to reboot your device or turning off your Bluetooth will also satisfy the need.

Step 1: The very first step will be to turn off your Bluetooth. You can either do this by the shortcut icon on your device or go the settings menu.

Step 2: When you go the settings option, click on the Bluetooth option. Now cluck on turn off button.

Step 3: Now the next step would be to reboot your device. As we are talking about iPhone’s, in this device you need to press the home button along with the power button till you don’t see the logo of Apple.

Step 4: For iPhone X you need to press the volume up button and quickly the volume down.

Step 5: When you reboot your device and it has started again, go to the settings menu. You need to switch the Bluetooth on.

Method 2: Forgetting device

If you are not satisfies with the previous method then you can try this. It may help you.

Step 1: Your first step here would be to go to the settings menu. When you click on the settings menu go to the Bluetooth option.

Step 2: Here you need to click on the icon ‘i’.

Step 3: Now your task is to click on the forget option.

Step 4: After you do this, again pair up your device with the other device. See if your issues are solved or not.

This method might help you to solve your issues regarding shuttering sound or the stopping issues.

Method 3: Resetting the network

If any of the above didn’t work for solving your issues you can try to reset your network, it might help you.

You need to be aware that when you do this your Wi-Fi will also be erased.

Step 1: Go to the settings option. Here click on the general menu. Now click on reset.

Step 2: In the reset option click on network settings.

Step 3: Here you need to enter the password if you have entered any.

Step 4: When you are done with this a message will appear. You need to confirm this.

You are don with. Your Bluetooth problems will solved through these.