How To Fix Black Dot Crashing Bug in iOS Messaging App

Nowadays many people are insane on the iPhone and iPad. Apple devices like iPhone 8/8plus and apple iPhone X become so popular and sales of apple are rising these days. However, news also coming black dot crashing bugs creates problems for iOS users. Black dot message appears in the form text in iOS device.

It‘s excellent If you haven’t got any bugs on your iOS device yet but still you need to know about how to fix black dot crashing. Your bugs issues get eradicate if your device is mainly working on iOS devices like iOS 11.2.6, 11.3,11.4 or iOS 11,11+ and this will eradicate if your device is likely to 3D touch or not.


Often this bug creates many obstacles and causes your iPhone devices to stop working properly. In a recent new there was Telugu Bug which creates an obstacle for iPhone or iPad while responding to any Indian message or sign.

How to fix Black Dot Crashing Bug Issue

If you get bugs pops up from someone messages, you can compel the messages app to stop. Here using 3D touch on the icon to get new messages. Now come back to the conversation and remove those conversations where you received these bugs.

So here we are going to provide two procedure which helps you to fix black dot crashing bug  iOS11.3/11.2.6  so the procedure is as follows-

Procedure 1

So, first of all, you need to go to the home screen of the iPhone by stop the iMessage application. Now create message to sent the text to other person through which you get the black dot messages and assure about the maleficent message is not the last one by using 3D touch on the iMessage icon please choose the option of ‘ New message ‘ Once pop-up window appears for creating new text, Please press the cancel button.

To remove the maleficent message being on the top one need to select all these conversations by selecting circle on the left and press on “Delete “. In this way, all your maleficent messages delete from your iOS Devices.

Procedure 2

The steps are similar as the previous procedure where you need to stop using iMessage application and go to the home screen but the only distinction is that but using Siri you need to send the message to get the maleficent messages so that black dot message doesn’t appear to the first conversation once you opened the message box.

Once you have completed the conversation you need to open the conversation list and press on edit part by using the circle on the left and press there delete option.

Now it has been sent to apple manufacturer who will free a patch for this Bug in its iOS 11.4 to update.

Once done please open the Conversations list tap on Edit. Using the circle on the left corner, select the malicious conversation and tap on “Delete”.

It has been reported from Apple that the manufacturer will release a patch for this bug in its iOS 11.4 update.


Hope we are able to solve your problems by giving two different methods and we also request you to till then you can choose the 1st method to fix the black dot crashing issue. If you found the article is relevant please share to your needy one who is seeking for such solutions. Thank You.