FavoriteEmojis – Replace Frequently Used Emojis with your Favourite Emojis

The iOS offers various features for its users, the same goes for its keyboard. iOS keyboards offer a dedicated key for emojis and access them to express their user’s moods. There is an important thing in this emoji tab is that it includes a section where all of your frequently used emojis are present, this feature can be useful but not always. For solving this problem iOS developer Adeem Mawani, came up with the brilliant solution and that is FavoriteEmojis Tweak. FavoriteEmoji is jailbreak tweak with the help of this you can manually designate your favourite emojis in the Frequently used tab.

The main alteration that this tweak will do that it will show all those emojis that you can choose to add manually on your frequently used emojis tab, rather than those which iOS recommends as per your uses. Other than that it will not do anything to your keyboard and emoji tab settings. It can also help you to create a shortcut to the emojis you thought are very difficult to find, as they require very long scrolling through the emoji keyboard.


It totally depends on how you use your device, this app very beneficial, especially for those users who are frequent users of WhatsApp and other instant texting application. FavoriteEmojis simply add a preferences pane in the settings menu of the device from where you can easily configure your favourite emojis as per your choice.

The settings you can toggle are:

  • You can toggle the tweak on or off on demand
  • You have the option to choose up to 30 favourite Emojis to add in the “Frequently Used” section of the Emoji keyboard
  • You can respring your device to save your changes.
  • You can use the blue Save Emoji List button whenever you make changes to the emoji list. After you do that, you can click on the respring button to make sure the changes that you made has accepted by Keyboard.

Steps to Configure Your Custom Emojis List in FavoriteEmojis

  • Step 1 It’s setting section is very simple to use and you can open its settings section by a single click.
  • Step 2 there inside the settings section you can easily enable and configure emojis list as per your choice. After that, you can save your custom emojis and apply them by restarting the springboard.
favoriteemojis- enable
  • Step 3 after you had customized your desired emojis list, you can test this tweak in various third-party applications like Whatsapp, Notes, facebook etc. Your favourite emojis are available in your emoji keyboard.

How to Download FavoriteEmojis Cydia Tweak

There is a surprising fact about FavoriteEmojis tweak is that it is not available for free, you have to pay for downloading it. It is a very strong competitor and alternative for Mimoji Cydia tweak, which is iOS 10 compatible. But if you want similar kind of functions for iOS 9 to go for Mimoji tweak. Other options are Selectmoji is also available.

You can download FavouriteEmojis on BigBoss Cydia repository by paying the cost of $ 0.99. and one thing to note it is compatible for iOS10 and above and it is compatible with all iOS devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads touch jailbroken one.


I hope you liked our article about FavoriteEmojis tweak its features function and how to download it. So in order to use the amazing feature to have custom emojis of this tweak please go and download it. It is completely free of malware and viruses so don’t worry about security as developers insure about providing an update regarding bugs and errors. Please feel free to share this amazing tweak with your friends & family and if you have any suggestions and queries related to it feel free to contact us.