ElecTh0rRemover – Remove unc0ver and Electra Jailbreak with One Click

It is well known that iPhone and iOS users tend to jailbreak their devices in order to install cracked or tweaked applications. Although this experience gives them the thrill of using their favourite applications that are not available on the iOS App Store, the threat of unwanted errors and bugs creeping into their devices is high. In order to avoid such a scenario, users need to remove the jailbreak from their devices to restore the original settings.


Currently, there are two popular applications, namely Electra and UnC0ver that enable users to remove the jailbreak from their devices. However, a new tool called ElecTh0rRemover, introduced recently helps the user to remove the Electra or UnC0ver Jailbreak with a single click.  Being a tool that simplifies the process, ElecTh0rRemover has become highly popular amongst iOS users.

There are several pre-requisites to be ensured before using ElecTh0rRemover. Users need to address the following points before embarking on this process.

  • Ensure that a proper and efficient backup of all the essential data is done before starting. It is recommended to back up the device using 3uTools in advance.
  • If tweaks or cracks have been installed in the device in addition to the jailbreak, these have to be deleted separately.
  • This tool has to be operated during an active jailbreak status on the iOS device.
  • System settings and user files won’t be removed during this process. If there is a need to remove these system settings and user files, it is recommended to use SemiRestore11. Semi-restore 11 restores the jailbroken iPhone to stock and unmodified state without upgrading to the latest iOS firmware.
  • Download the following tools in accordance with the iOS version on the device:
  • ElectraRemover (v1.0) for iOS 11.0 – iOS 11.1.2
  • ElecTh0rRemover (v3.0.9) for iOS 11.2 – iOS 11.4(b3)

Once these pre-requisites are addressed, the user can proceed with the removal of jailbreak from the iPhone or iPad.

Steps to Remove unc0ver & Electra Jailbreak

The steps listed below will guide users on the process to Remove Electra & UnC0ver Jailbreak from their devices.

  1. Download the ElecTh0rRemover IPA file onto the Windows/MAC PC. This sideloading of the IPA onto the iOS device is a major step and Cydia Impactor is a convenient tool to sideload an IPA file onto your iOS device. Cydia Impactor is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that facilitates installation of IPA files on iOS devices. It is freely available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Download the latest version of the Cydia Impactor from its official site, locate the installer that is required to be installed, open it and connect the iOS
  2. Once Cydia Impactor is opened, it will recognize the iPhone or iPad.
  3. Drag the IPA file to Cydia Impactor.
  4. Navigate to Settings → General → Profile. When the certificate belonging to the tool appears, click on trust. The installation process of the ElecTh0rRemover application will begin. 
  5. Once installed, launch the ElecTh0rRemover application and click on the white bin to remove jailbreak.
  6. For electraRemover, click “Remove Jailbreak”. The same procedure would apply for UnC0ver. 
  7. After clicking on the white bin, wait until a pop up appears informing the user of the completion of the erasing process.
  8. In a few minutes, another popup will appear stating ‘Completed Erasing.’ This denotes the successful completion of the jailbreak removal in the iOS device.

This entire procedure completes the function of ElecTh0rRemover. When it comes to iOS devices, the applications will generally download and install from the iOS App Store. However, users tend to download applications which are not available in the Store. In this case, users jailbreak their devices to install these applications. These unwanted jailbreaks result in common issues like the introduction of corrupt files and hanging of devices.

Although there are quite a few applications that could remove jailbreaks, ElecTh0rRemover is now the favourite one amongst users due to its single click removal feature.